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Ezine Director is an email list management and distribution software-as-a-service (SaaS), which was conceptualized before SaaS was an acronym in the tech world. In fact, the idea was born in 1998 before email list management was a legitimate business model. Long story short Ezine Director was launched as a public service in 2002 and is now a veteran Email Service Provider with over 16 years under its belt.

My name is Brent Livingston, owner and founder of Ezine Industries, Inc. The owning company of the Ezine Director service. My story is similar to most entreprenuers in which the business was started from a humble beginning. While I struggled to turn the idea into a working model, as I had minimal business experience and even less programming knowledge, I managed to develop a prototype of my email list management concept in 2001 by sheer persistence.

As with most entrepreneurs, I have an insatiable appetite for success and in 2002 Ezine Director was born. At the start of this venture, I unknowingly focused the business model toward the ultra small business that was budget minded while providing features similar to what larger email list management services offered. This accidental concept continues through today, and Ezine Director is proud to serve the small business community as a small business.

Today Ezine Director is a robust and reliable software-as-a-service (SaaS) that owns and controls every aspect of its business from the building and data center down to the underlying software Ezine Director is built on. Even today my original gut desire exists, which is to make Ezine Director a better product each day while keeping it affordable to small businesses. This has been my goal since day one and continues each and every day. Along side dedicated employees, we work tiressly to earn your business and constantly evolve this ever changing service.

Thank you for considering Ezine Director!
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