Auto Responders, Ecourse, & Triggers

Ezine Director is not only an email list management service, it also provides what we refer to as a campaign trigger otherwise known as sequential auto responder or drip campaign. Schedule an automated ecourse over x days or launch a full campaign base on simple triggers. Set up an email form on your website. The possibilities are endless.

Schedule a Marketing Campaign

Set an exact time and date a campaign is to be released. Send a regular weekly email newsletter Tuesday at 10am. Blast out a marketing campaign to your customers on the first of the month. Set a schedule for few hours in advance, few weeks, or even years out.

Urgent Alerts & Community Announcements

Ezine Director understands the needs of communities and organizations that need to send time sensitive emails. Set up an email fast and send it immediately. Templates can be stored for quick access to formatted emails. While an email can be schedule as an immediately release, which gets the email out the door within two minutes.