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Date: August 1, 2013
Subject: A Call to Action for Social Justice #BoycottDelta, & Join us for The Enlightenment Event of the Year

Aloha Beautiful World, it is time to give the Multiverse goosebumps with the creative imperative to make art out of our everyday lives! We only have one thing to tell you about for August & it's the Enlightenment Album Release Concert given Free to the public (one night only) in honor of Anthony Natividad, my dear friend & musician extraordinaire whose Hawaiian nose flute is the sound bed by which we dream travel through time-space on an adventure of absolute Enlightenment, as we acquiesce the Golden Thread of Truth. That philosophical underpinning of kindness which appears across all traditions & all faiths where Love is the supreme expression of noble pursuits & creative endeavors.

We here at the Lovevolution Foundation Triple Dog Dare you to do something so wonderful this month, something that truly gives back to existence for all it has given to you! The Enlightenment Project is our gift to the world & will be web cast at 8pm on 8-15-13 via livestream: This month is about owning your shadow side as well, & not taking for granted the people in your life who everyday in small ways make life worth living with their very presence & smile. Reach out to them, hug & kiss them passionately, because you never know what may happen in the future, or for how long this dance can last. Remember you are a rare being of light & dark, that means the shadow in you will arise, but don't be ashamed & try to hide it, OWN it, in as much as you own your light. Here is a message from Lovevolution Founder Dr. DBBK

Finally my sentient siblings, to envelope each word, each part of the rest, Love is all, all, all—is immanent in every life and object, Maybe that at many and many a pain is felt, yet Love is there. Has your soul wander’d far from Love's forgiving & open nature? Is the reason-why strangely hidden from your understanding? Would your life one day disappear & be forgotten below the restless ocean of the entire world? Or, would you know the dissatisfaction... the urge and spur of every life?! Would you taste the something never still’d—never entirely gone? The invisible need of every seed? Love... It is the central urge in every atom, (Often unconscious, often evil, downfallen,) To return to its divine source and origin, however distant, Latent the same in subject and in object, without one exception. Still you sleep, but it is a new day. Wake up! You resist my words because of your inherited insecurities & the fear that right now you could be the God that you truly are. Could I as your friend, allow you to continue to live a life of limitation when you know better?

Viva Lovevolution & Aloha from Mauitopia

This Concert is Dedicated to Anthony Natividad
& featuring his Final Studio Performance

Lovevolution Foundation Album Release Concert

Featuring Mirayah Delamar & Sacred Earth Dancers

FREE $ 8.15.13 @ 8pm Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm

4505 Hana Hwy. Haiku, Maui, HI, USA 96708. 808-446-1344
Watch Mauitopia TV Show Online @

Lovevolution Foundation Presents: The Enlightenment Project. This is part one of a two part series where words become worlds! As the ‘Eternal Dreamer’ we are guided on a journey through space-time, transported by a cosmic entity called ‘Goddess Essence’. Our senses are serenaded by beautiful soundscapes, through which we wormhole our way into the nexus-hub of the multiverse. Here we encounter living avatars of the ‘Source Voice’ inherent in the perennial thread of Truth across all cultures & wisdom traditions. Imagine opening a portal between past present & future where Krishna, Solomon, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, & the Goddess Essence come to life, & retell their message, in language that is alive to this generation, but distilled into their purest condensed substance. Spanning across the spectrum of global beliefs in Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, & Paganism, we offer a representative sample of the evolution of our collective human spiritual consciousness/expansion.      

The word ‘God’ has been changed to ‘Love’ in order to universalize the message. We've kept only the best 'pearls' of each messenger, leaving out that which no longer serves us. We've narrowed each message to it's core for the secular, philosophical, & scientifically minded, and in so doing; we intend to preserve their beauty-value for future societies. In Part two of the Enlightenment project, the ‘Goddess Essence’ incarnates as the avatars of Enlightenment, & the masculine ‘God Essence’ then disembodies to guide us through space-time, to the feet of powerful female forces such as Isis, Pele, Aphrodite, White Buffalo Woman, & many more as we explore the more mysterious side of the veil.  Viva Lovevolution!      

*100% of the proceeds go to the Lovevolution Foundation Charity, dedicated to giving the Universe ‘goose-bumps’ through the arts & edutainment, for more info visit               

*This is a project of Mauitopia which is a Hawaiian television program hosted by Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan and is broadcast island wide on Akaku TV. Each episode is also broadcast globally online at Mauitopia is an expose on the most amazing, magical, and mysterious people, places, and phenomena happening on the tropical island of Maui. Tune in for an all access back stage pass of playfulness, turn on to the unusual, underground, and utterly artistic side of life... drop out of your obligations for a while as you experience what island life is really like on Mauitopia!    


Order autographed CD directly from Dr. Baraka Kanaan for a $25 donation to Lovevolution Foundation


Beloveds, here is a follow up to that incident I reported last year in which Delta‬ airlines forced me to crawl on two of their flights, through the plane, down & up flights of stairs, & across pavement to get to my wheelchair while several able bodied people just watched me crawl. Please share this story so that disabled people everywhere can have the fair & humane treatment we deserve!

Delta Passenger Baraka Kanaan Forced To Crawl Down Aisle, Across Tarmac To Wheelchair: Complaint
Huffington Post Article

A Hawaii man says Delta Air Lines forced him to crawl down the aisle of its planes and across the tarmac to reach his wheelchair several times during a trip in July 2012, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday.

Baraka Kanaan, a nonprofit head and former philosophy professor, says one of the incidents happened last summer when he was en route to Massachusetts from Hawaii via a series of Delta Air Lines flights.

Though a car accident in 2000 left him unable to walk and entirely dependent on a wheelchair, aisle chairs, and lifts, he says Delta representatives assured him weeks before his flight "that he would be received and given reasonable accommodation for his disability."

Yet when Kanaan arrived in Massachusetts, the complaint alleges Delta had none of the equipment needed to help him off the airplane. When he asked what his options were, a flight attendant replied, "I don't know, but we can't get you off the plane," according to a copy of the suit provided to The Huffington Post.

Kanaan, in his best suit, then had to "[crawl] hand over hand through the main cabin and down a narrow flight of stairs and across the tarmac to his wheelchair," an experience he says caused "great physical and emotional suffering," the complaint states.

On his return trip, Kanaan says he had to repeat the same procedure, as the equipment was still unavailable. However, this time the airline offered to place cardboard beneath him "so that his clothes wouldn't get dirty," the document states. In both incidents, he alleges Delta employees made no effort to try and obtain equipment from other airlines to help him deplane properly.
Kanaan's complaints to the airline resulted in a $100 voucher and an offer of 25,000 SkyMiles, which the suit says he declined, fearing his next Delta flight would leave him, again, on his hands and knees.

A Delta representative did not immediately respond to The Huffington Post's request for comment but said the airlines was looking into the matter.

In 2008, a woman with muscular dystrophy experienced a similar situation after she said she was forced to crawl off two separate Delta flights. Reached for contact by Gadling, the woman called her deplaning "disgraceful" but was unsure if Delta or the airports were to blame.

According to the Air Carrier Access Act, airports and carriers are required to "provide boarding assistance to individuals with disabilities by using ramps, mechanical lifts, or other suitable devices where level-entry boarding by loading bridge or mobile lounge is not available." The rule applies to any airplane with a seating capacity of 31 or more passengers.

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