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Date: April 30, 2013
Subject: Lovevolution Museletter

April showers become May flowers blooming in this 2013 Spring issue:

Being Love TV Interview w. Dr. Baraka Kanaan - Our Topic Is: Soulgasm

A Message from Lovevolution Founder, Dr. Baraka

Aloha beloved Lovevolutionaries! Spring is in the air, & so is the warmth of our Spiritual Global Warming evolution, where WE as pan-sentient participants enact the audacity to open mouth kiss our destiny in public! The planet needs you! So we are dubbing this year ‘the cycle of Global Enlightenment’ & are doing our part to inspire the world through EDUTAINMENT… beginning with a new album & world tour that explores the words of the ancient prophets, both male & female in a 2 part Enlightenment Project to rediscover the voices that started the most popular religions in the world today… but re-articulated in a modern compelling language that everyone can understand & relate to. Enlightenment features the poetic words of Krishna, King Solomon, Buddha, Jesus, & the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon them all) staged together so as to showcase the perennial ‘Golden Thread of Truth’ that pervades their legends. We hope to reclaim the mythos of these lost narratives & condense their core message into a ‘movie for the mind’ that is transformative on the most fundamental levels of consciousness. This is a metamorphosis experience, as the listener… you become a time-traveler, & are escorted by the ‘Goddess-Essence’ back through space-time 5000 years into the past, & then you whirl your way back to present day by stopping along the way to listen to the enlightened ones of each new millennia. Each track is set to stunning music of other-worldly proportions, indicative of the regions & eras in which these ancient masters lived. This is a project of epic ambition, which seeks to unify ancient cultural & philosophical wisdom, to resonate with this new & evolving, fast paced techno-world. A Summer release date is scheduled for 6/1/13 (pre-order your personally autographed copy now!

Enlightenment: The Golden Thread of Truth - Release date 6/1/2013

Reserve an advanced autographed copy by donating $30 to Charity at Promo Code: Enlightenment


To schedule an Enlightenment Tour in your area please contact our Publicist Sebastian St. John at 808.446.1344, Tour dates run from July-October 2013. We begin in Maui, & head to Nantucket, Nova Scotia, & beyond, be a part of the magic & start a Lovevolution in your area by booking Now!


Mothers are the Unsung Heroes of This World! Join us as we celebrate Mother’s Day Maui Style!

The Nantucket Yoga Festival July (Discount Tickets)    

This is by far the most amazing Yoga Festival in the USA & Lovevolution Foundation is honored to offer a unique discount code to share with our subscribers. Nestled in the most scenic East Coast Island imaginable, & Visit Using the code DB2013 you will receive $50 off a full festival pass.


“It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community – a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

The island of Nantucket has a unique vibration that has consistently inspired conscious living, the independent spirit and creative collaboration. The Nantucket Yoga Festival is a community orientated celebration that brings together the very best world class yoga instructors, wellness experts and healthy living guides in a celebration of the spirit of the island. By coming together to explore ways to find a happier, healthier more peaceful way of living we can begin to affect positive change in our community and ultimately in the world around us.


The opening night celebration will be held at The Westmoor Club on Friday July 12 from 6–9:30pm Workshops and Classes will be held at Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm on Saturday and Sunday July 13 and 14 from 8am-5:30pm, The Vendor Area will be open from 8am-6pm on Friday and Saturday.
Email: Phone: 508.901.1355

Heartstorming: Maui Sunset Sessions w. Dr. Baraka Edutainment Videos on Facebook


Visit: to get an advanced signed copy of this new album. (100% of proceeds go to charity!)


Treat yourself to the adventure of a lifetime! Mauitopia: Hawaiian Adventure Retreat June 15-22, 2013, August 10-17, 2013, November 16-23, 2013


Hawaiian Mauitopia Experience. All inclusive 7 Days & nights on the Magical Isle of Maui!

Register Now by visiting

(100% of proceeds go to charity!)

Lovevolution Foundation is the proud Official Non-profit Sponsor of Earth Day Maui

Earth Day Video: We Are All Natives of the Earth

Poetic License Maui

Calling All Artists!

This is a school where aspiring artists in all disciplines/media can come to hone their creative abilities and talents in the simple luxury of Nature & eco-conscious community living. Learn how to create and deliver your true gifts in a way that truly inspires. Come hone your creative alchemy and learn to channel the cauldron of poesy. Find your instrument, unleash your true voice, and activate your gift musically. Through immersion in Nature, Entheogenic Experiences, Hawaiian Culture and Multi Media Performances in public. at the Center for Metamorphosis where activated individuals can come and immerse themselves in their gifts for 1,3, or 6 month semesters. Emphasis is on discovering and honing YOUR GIFT through the arts, with curricula stemming from 4 main areas of: Nature, Art, Music/Movement, and Personal Aesthetic Expression.

Held at Mauitopia Estates in Haiku Maui. For more information visit or call 808.446.1344. Registration begins when you call. For Campus photos visit

To inquire write to write 'Poetic License' in the subject line.

Registration fees are a 100% Tax Deductible donation to Maui's Public Charity the Lovevolution Foundation. Payble by all major credit cards or paypal by visiting and clicking on the donate button Donate your tuition under the subject 'Poetic License' and indicate the Dates you wish to attend. Classes every month.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space, full amount due 2 weeks in advance. Each 1 month session includes private room, breakfast, weekday classes starting at noon, transportation to and from the airport and weekly excursions.

1 month= $1500 donation
2 months= $3000 donation
3 months= $4500 donation
* Bring a friend or share a room and save 10%
* Featuring a Yearly Dead Poets Society Pilgrimage to the Tombs of the Greatest American Poets of all time! (Additional Fees Apply)

Poetic License Maui Q&A

Q: Is this school/program accredited in any way?
A: The school isn't accredited in any official way, it is a sort of 'anti-school' where you'll go to unlearn what you've been taught, and relearn what Nature and your own inner genius has to teach in order to learn how to do what you are born to do in a way that can inspire the world.

Q: Will a syllabus/program details soon be available? A: Each student has an independent study path, which is based upon your interests and gift set. Once you determine that you want to attend we will have you decided for how long, and then we will prepare a program that suits you individually. No cookie cutter education here. Q: Is it possible to attend a different length of time than one, three or six months?
A: We will cater the program to your needs and you will be charged a prorated amount that reflects your desired stay. Your study will be directed in that manner as well.

Q: I'm coming from outside the US. Will the school assist me with visa application?
A: The Lovevolution Foundation will assist you in your visa application by writing a letter on your behalf which you will submit with your visa application.

Q: Are students staying at Lumeria Maui the whole period of the program, i.e. we do not have to look for accommodation outside?
A: Some of your study will take place at Lumeria Maui, however the majority of it will be spread around the island in various centers designed to meet you independent study. You will stay in a private dorm room on my property located in Haiku Maui.

Q: As stated on the website, the program fee includes breakfast, so what about lunch and dinner? Do we have the option to make our own meals or buy them anywhere?
A: While we provide breakfast, you are free to make your own meals in the dorm kitchen, each week we make shopping runs to local health food stores and you can stock up for your desired lunch and dinner foods.


Of course you can never go wrong with a copy of Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness, written completely from a Tree-house on Maui & along the Nile river in Egypt. On kindle & other ebooks as well as signed hard copies

Finally, it is our great pleasure to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the… I Have A Dream Project

Lovevolution Foundation is offering aspiring artists, dreamers, & world changers in line with our vision, to use our foundation as an Umbrella to fulfilling your dream. Dr. King had a dream of racial equality, and then his dream became our reality. We want to know… what is your dream, & how can it make the world a better place in the process? If your dream project is in alignment with our vision as stated on, then you may have private or corporate donors contribute to your artistry/project, by donating to Lovevolution Charity in your name. This is a tax deduction for them, & a way of funding your creative endeavors in this world. Those funds are then allocated directly towards making your dream a reality. Once your dream project is accepted, then the Lovevolution Foundation will sponsor your project & make that dream a reality! Applicants must submit a proposal via email at:

Carpe Diem Project

This is one of the many ways in which we at the Lovevolution enrich the environment around us, & inspire strangers at the same time. Watch the Edutainment Video: & tune into Dr. Baraka’s Facebook posts, you may just get inspired!



Join DreamingBear on these social networking websites:




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