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Date: November 19, 2012
Subject: Lovevolution Museletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan


In this November issue:
A few days before he passed, Anthony Natividad heard that I was having some severe spinal pain. He left this music memo on my vmail, and a text that said, "Heard you needed some sound, nose flute for your soul brother, love, healing, and blessings!" I put his message in this video memorial because he was always sending out healing to us all... may you be blessed ohana, as blessed as I am to know Anthony. Viva Lovevolution!

This video is a prelude to the Art of Lucid Dream Yoga, a class that teaches people lucidity techniques mastery of how to be aware conscious while still in the dream time. Filmed live at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Iowa City Yoga festival, Baraka Kanaan (DreamingBear) inspires through, laughter, music, new paradigm poetics. The average person will spend about six years of their life dreaming. However, very few will develop the ability to remember even a fraction of that experience, rendering the rest of society with dream-amnesia. Dreaming was once a way of life, indigenous peoples from all cultures have long standing dream traditions as a form of spiritual practice intuitive development, including the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Tibet, the Maya to name a few. The very first religions were dream based; many Native American customs included entire families dreaming together sharing their dreams over breakfast as a sort of preview of what to anticipate for the day. Tribal wisdom suggests that all dreams are of the future, you get to choose which of them will manifest. When we dream, we all go to a sort of subconscious nexus, or hub of other-worldly interactions. To the aboriginal people of Australia, Dreaming is the objective reality, a kind of “all at once time” or “every-when” whereas the waking world is an illusion. Although many scientific technological advancements have developed from dreams such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Edison’s light bulb, others too numerous to mention, western society has largely ignored the value of dreaming as an arena for experimentation exploration. Instead of tapping into the latent potential of our dreams as a direct line to the Source of all information, we have relegated dreams to being merely a phenomenon or byproduct of biology. As a consequence, entire generations have developed a nightly coma; forgetting some of the most adventurous moments in their life filled with reality bending, mind blowing epiphanies of experience! Dreams are our inter- dimensional doorways, personal connection to Infinity, fractals of pure potentiality, reflection of our psychological emotional state, a golden opportunity to cultivate our unlimited being into waking embodiment. The real journey begins as you access nonlocal mind, awaken the sixth sense of lucidity, create your own adventure into the great unknown.

Join us for two days of Ceremony and Celebration to mark the ending of the Mayan calendar, and the beginning of a new, life-affirming cycle on our planet. Gather in sacred prayer and ritual to honor the falling away of the old paradigms to give birth to a new dawn of cooperation and interconnectedness as children of the Sacred Mother Earth. Honoring the diversity of cultures and points of view that make up the rich mandala of humanity, we will affirm universal spiritual values that build unity. Everyone’s voice will be welcomed:

  • ENVISIONING THE NEW MASCULINE: Lovers, Magicians, Kings as Peaceful Warriors
  • Special Guest Speaker: RAM DASS

Informed by consideration of the welfare of all sentient beings, we will lay the foundation for passing on a vibrant planet to our children for seven generations and more into the future. Recognizing our role as stewards of the planet’s ecosystems and natural resources, we will share knowledge of sustainable approaches to energy, growing healthy food, and building egalitarian communities.

Help Co-create the 2012 Sacred Earth Manifesto, a written proclamation that will be forwarded to our current and future political leaders and posted on FaceBook.

GLOBAL ALOHA BLESSING - SUNSET 12/22: as an offering from the last time zone in the Shift Network’s global webcast of events at sacred sites around the world, Hawaiian Kapunas will make an aloha blessing affirming the unity and divinity of all the inhabitants of our MOTHER EARTH.

REBIRTH 2012 will center around a series of invocations and portal opening meditations:

MEDICINE WHEEL SACRED FIRE AND HEARTBEAT DRUM: REBIRTH 2012 will begin with the lighting of the Sacred Fire in the Medicine Wheel, which will be kept burning until the formal closing of the circle. In respect for Mayan tradition, participants will make their prayer offering to the fire by tossing a handful of dried herbs and flowers. Volunteers will take turns playing the Sacred Drum at the center of the Medicine Wheel, keeping the heartbeat rhythm going continuously throughout the gathering. Elemental Ceremonies:

EARTH: Honoring the fertility of the earth and the green plants that form the foundation of all life, we will plant seeds of intention for a world in balance and at peace. Fruit trees will be planted by the youth on Ahimsa Sanctuary Farm.

WATER: A vessel of pure water, placed under the crystal lotus in the Sacred Earth Temple shrine room, will be charged with prayers and meditations during the Rebirth 2012 gathering. Healing waters from around the world will be added and Hawaiian kapunas will offer blessings. Cups of energized water will be distributed to all for the Global Water Purification Prayer Ceremony.

FIRE: We will enter the 90-foot diameter Sacred Earth Medicine Wheel honoring each direction, approaching the central Sacred Fire with reverence and humility. Releasing the past as we make our offerings, we will be reborn, guided by Spirit to play our part in the symphony of life. AIR: Affirming our responsibility for keeping the air pure, we will give thanks for each breath. Incense and Sage will carry our prayers on the 4 winds. Harmonic sounds will ring out to Eternity. Colorful veils and prayer flags will fly in the wind. We will breathe deeply of the gift of Life and will affirm the pristine, life-giving properties of clean air .

ETHER: Attuning to the space within which everything unfolds, we will realize the essential Emptiness and unlimited creative potential of the Void. As Compassion naturally arises, we will float in Spacious Acceptance of all differences in belief and ethnic and cultural traditions. We will connect with the infinite energy of the vacuum, and will enter the creative wormhole in which anything is possible.

ONE BILLION OM’S: Participate in the world’s largest simultaneous meditation and OM vibration in modern history on December 22nd, 2012, uniting with peaceful light beings around the globe.

GANESH PUJA: A traditional Hindu prayer ceremony for protection and the removal of obstacles will be led by Jitendra Swami. Partcipants will make offerings to the sacred fire, to open the way for the new dawn by releasing that which no longer serves.

MIDNIGHT 12/21 RITUAL: Everyone present and witnessing around the world, will share the experience of integration of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine . We will intentionally heal the separation and exploitation of the old patriarchal systems that have contributed to the social, political, and environmental crises of our time. We will envision and manifest the internal balance of Yin and Yang.

SUNRISE NEW DAWN CEREMONY: As the sun rises on 12/22/12, ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity, we will gather in silent reverence for all of life, making personal and universal prayers, setting our intentions to use the gifts of the spirit to make this world a better place.

UNIVERSAL WORSHIP SERVICE: Readings from sacred texts of the great religions will be accompanied by lighting a candle in honor of the Divine Light expressed in each tradition.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH PROGRAMS: Because our young people will inherit the earth and will become our future leaders, special programs will be offered allowing their voices and creative expressions to be heard and seen. Professional artists and Musicians will guide the youth in the creation of a REBIRTH 2012 Song, Mural, and You-Tube Video.

LIVE AND SKYPE PRESENTERS: Inspiring teachers will be invited to share their perspectives in person at Maui Sacred Earth Temple, as well as through remote presentations brought in over the world wide web.

LIVE AND ARCHIVED WEBCAST: Proceedings of REBIRTH 2012 will be video-recorded, broadcast live, and archived on the web for later viewing.

LIVE MUSIC, DANCE, and POETRY: Live music, dance, and spoken word performances will complement the ceremonies and teachings of REBIRTH 2012.

ONE EARTH ONE PEOPLE ART INSTALLATIONS: Artists will be invited to create Inspirational and educational installations on the land around Maui Sacred Earth Temple, showing new possibilities for living in harmony on a healthy planet.

Visit: to get an advanced signed copy of this new album. (100% of proceeds go to charity!) 

Mauitopia: Hawaiian Adventure Retreat, Dec. 15-22nd
2012 is nearly through and the Mayan Calendar End Date Activation is emergent! We have one last transformational retreat left, with only 3 spaces available! If you haven't booked this all inclusive, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE experience... then do it today by visiting:
7 Days on Maui
Now Open to Children over 5 years of age!

12/15/12 till 12/22/12 *Special 2012 Mayan Calendar End-date Retreat room for 13 people only

Register Now by visiting

Now as we transition into the half final phase for this monumental year, we are pleased to announce our support for the following new projects.

PQ Mala Project

PQ Jewelry, designs special Malas or prayer beads (including mala bracelets) with special spiritual pendants. The designs are very unique, incorporating different beads and gemstones, the customers can request personalized designs if they choose to. PQ will give a percentage of the sales to two Foundations that work with children and their education:

1. Foundation Trascender, in Cali Colombia.

2. KARMA LEKSHEY LING INSTITUTE For Higher Buddhist Studies, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal, The Karma Project was born with this purpose, which is helping children without resources continue their education (elementary through high school).

Visit our website and Facebook page to find more jewelry designs in sterling silver as well as more of the spiritual/chakra jewelry.

Contact us: or or in Facebook at PQJewelryDesigner. (100% of proceeds go to charity!)

Don’t miss out on the final book by DreamingBear before his transition to Baraka called Naked Singularity, it covers all the latest limit-edge sciences, and explains everything from the possibility of time travel to the interior of black holes... this book is for the advanced seeker ready to have their minds blown wide open. Visit

Calling All Poets, Orators, Artists, and Musicians!

This is a school where aspiring writers, poets/orators and musicians can come to hone their dionysian abilities and talents with Commercially Successful Master Poets, Epic Orators, Naturalists, and World Class Musicians. Learn how to create and deliver poetry that truly inspires. Come hone your verbal alchemy and learn to channel the cauldron of poesy. Find your instrument, and activate your gift musically.

Through immersion in Nature, Entheogenic Experiences, Hawaiian Culture and Multi Media Performances in public. It all happens at the Center for Metamorphosis where activated individuals can come and immerse themselves in their gifts for 1,3, or 6 months. Emphasis is on discovering and honing YOUR GIFT through the arts, with curricula stemming from 4 main areas of: Nature, Art, Music/Movement, and Personal Aesthetic Expression.

Held at Lumeria on Maui, an Educational Retreat 5 star Luxury Resort.

For more information visit or call 808.446.1344. Registration begins 12.12.12. For Campus photos visit

To inquire write to write 'Poetic License' in the subject line.

Registration fees are a 100% Tax Deductible donation to Maui's Public Charity the Lovevolution Foundation. Payable by all major credit cards or paypal by visiting and clicking on the donate button Donate your tuition under the subject 'Poetic License' and indicate the Dates you wish to attend. Classes every month.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space, full amount due 2 weeks in advance. Each 1 month session includes private room, breakfast, weekday classes starting at noon, transportation to and from the airport and weekly excursions.

1 month= $1500 donation

2 months= $3000 donation

3 months= $4500 donation

* Bring a friend or share a room and save 10%

* Featuring a Yearly Dead Poets Society Pilgrimage to the Tombs of the Greatest American Poets of all time! (Additional Fees Apply)

Poetic License Maui Q&A

Q: Is this school/program accredited in any way? A: The school isn't accredited in any official way, it is a sort of 'anti-school' where you'll go to unlearn what you've been taught, and relearn what Nature and your own inner genius has to teach in order to learn how to do what you are born to do in a way that can inspire the world.

Q: Will a syllabus/program details soon be available? A: Each student has an independent study path, which is based upon your interests and gift set. Once you determine that you want to attend we will have you decided for how long, and then we will prepare a program that suits you individually. No cookie cutter education here.

Q: Is it possible to attend a different length of time than one, three or six months? A: We will cater the program to your needs and you will be charged a prorated amount that reflects your desired sta. Your study will be directed in that manner as well.

Q: I'm coming from outside the US. Will the school assist me with visa application? A: The Lovevolution Foundation will assist you in your visa application by writing a letter on your behalf which you will submit with your visa application.

Q: Are students staying at Lumeria Maui the whole period of the program, i.e. we do not have to look for accommodation outside? A: Some of your study will take place at Lumeria Maui, however the majority of it will be spread around the island in various centers designed to meet you independent study. You will stay in a private dorm room on my property located in Haiku Maui.

Q: As stated on the website, the program fee includes breakfast, so what about lunch and dinner? Do we have the option to make our own meals or buy them anywhere? A: While we provide breakfast, you are free to make your own meals in the dorm kitchen, each week we make shopping runs to local health food stores and you can stock up for your desired lunch and dinner foods. Of course you can never go wrong with a copy of Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness, written completely from a Tree-house on Maui & along the Nile river in Egypt. On kindle & other ebooks as well as signed hard copies

Of course you can never go wrong with a copy of Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness, written completely from a Tree-house on Maui  along the Nile river in Egypt. On kindle  other ebooks as well as signed hard copies

Finally, it is our great pleasure to announce that the Lovevolution Foundation is offering aspiring artists companies in line with our vision to use our Foundation as an Umbrella, meaning you can have donors contribute to your artistry/project,  we will sponsor you through our 501 (c) 3 status so that your donor can have a tax break!  Applicant must submit a proposal via email at







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