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Date: October 5, 2012
Subject: Lovevolution Museletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan


In this October issue:
Aloha Lovevolutionaries!

This is Baraka, creator of the Lovevolution Foundation. Im excited to announce Poetic License: Maui's School of Modern Poetics. Offering Classes in Edutainment, and Certification as a 'Licensed' Poet. POETICLICENSEMAUI.COM but more about that at the end of this Museletter. First, I recently underwent a spinal cord fusion operation, and am happy to report minimal complications, and expectancy of a full recovery. I may need two more operations to establish 100% function, but the process has begun! I wanted to personally thank each one of you who's prayers and well wishes helped me through the most difficult and challenging physical intensity of my life. Special thanks goes out to Beth Savitt of the Savitt Foundation who rescued me from the hospital and nursed me back to health personally. I am excited, because the October Harvest Moon is upon us, and the primal Peagan and nature energies are at play within us all. I am so excited to embark upon a HEARTLAND tour beginning with the Iowa City Yoga festival! ( Continuing to many of the heartland's most inspired communities with the Blessings of the Mystics Tour. Take a look at the schedule below and invite those you may know in the area to come out and support the Lovevolution's Edutainment Events!

Iowa City Yoga Festival

The Iowa City Yoga Festival proudly presents our third year of gathering together the international yoga community’s most celebrated teachers, top notch industry experts, and a host of talented performers to come together and offer you the opportunity to learn, laugh and celebrate once again!

Join us for this inspirational weekend of yoga, music and fun as we gather together and celebrate all things yoga! Rock out, stretch beyond your limits, smile, dance, learn, laugh and meet new friends – there’s something for everyone. You don’t want to miss this!
I wanted to take a moment and personally introduce you to few projects in each Museletter that we feel are making a real difference in the world. First, we are excited about this October's nominee…please take a moment to support an amazing artist starting a Global Art Movement in the form of a project called: The Open heART Wall:

Artist Elena Alexandra writes:

"The greatest tragedy in life is not the broken heart, but the hardened heart." It is not LOVE we fear, but the broken heart. Yet the very unwillingness for the heart to be broken IS the broken heart. The tragedy and the irony is that in order to avoid heartbreak, people live in a state of broken-heartedness. In the willingness to have the heart be broken a million, billion, trillion times, true love is revealed. It is our intention to visually demonstrate the beauty of a broken heart and visually change the painful “story” that has been long associated with it. The “story” that in our opinion, has given rise to a detrimental phenomenon of our very evolution…the fear of LOVE!

I believe that a heart is not open unless it's been broken and that a closed heart is to spiritual vision what closed eyes are to physical vision...self-induced blindness! One cannot LOVE with a closed heart just as one cannot see with closed eyes.

I have created thousands of white porcelain hearts (representing: cold and closed yet fragile and breakable) big enough to fit into a person’s hand and filled with paint-like substance. Upon throwing the heart against a hard canvassed wall it will create a burst of colors demonstrating the beauty of a heart breaking open. Each participant will be given a heart representing his/her own. They can write their name, a word or phrase upon this heart and choose to break it themselves or if daring enough, ask someone to… “break my heart”. The intention is to create a cathartic experience and an abstract painting resulting from thousands of broken-open hearts. Revealing the beauty that awaits after facing one’s fear.

With the intention of breaking-open our collective heart, we are taking this movement/heART installation around the globe. Please check our website ( for dates and locations.

Collectively we can face our fear, break our hearts open and awaken to the beauty that unfolds as the walls of our hardened hearts shatter right before our eyes.

For more information please visit:

To support the movement please follow on:

What color is your heARTbreak? 

7 Days on Maui
Now Open to Children over 5 years of age!

12/15/12 till 12/22/12 *Special 2012 Mayan Calendar End-date Retreat room for 13 people only

2012 is half way through and the activation is emergent! We began the year in Tulum Mexico, where we joined Sadie Nardini and friends ( for a Mayan activation the likes of which we can never forget, and it was AMAZING to say the least, and we’ll be seeing her and the NYC crew on the magical island of Nantucket for the Yoga Festival in July (details below). We have completed many Hawaiian retreats and are now launching Mauitopia: Hawaiian Adventure Retreats, now family friendly we accept participants with children ages 5 and over! If you haven't book this all inclusive TAX-DEDUCTIBLE experience then do it today by visiting:

Mainland Tour 

Now as we transition past the half way point for this monumental year, we are pleased to announce our up coming Tours for Maui and the Mainland.

October 12-14
Iowa City Yoga Festival

October 19th

Body and Soul Friday @ 730pm
2728 Asbury Rd, Suite 777. Dubuque, IA 52001
(563) 556-9642. Email:

October 20th
Morning Star Studio Sat, @ 730pm
51 1/2 S Court Street Fairfield, IA 52556  (641) 472-4287
New ‘Baraka’ CD and Digital album release
For all the Geniuses out there we have another new Quantum Physical CD compilation out this year recorded live in Haiku, it is called: Transluminal Flux: The Heart-Science of Infinite Consciousness.

Visit or purchase it online at and other download sites. (100% of proceeds go to charity!)

Don’t miss out on the final book by DreamingBear before his transition to Baraka called Naked Singularity, it covers all the latest limit-edge sciences, and explains everything from the possibility of time travel to the interior of black holes… this book is for the advanced seeker ready to have their minds blown wide open. Visit

Of course you can never go wrong with a copy of Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness, written completely from a Tree-house on Maui and along the Nile river in Egypt. On kindle and other ebooks as well as signed hard copies


This is a school where aspiring writers, poets/orators and musicians can come to hone their dionysian abilities and talents with Commercially Successful Master Poets, Epic Orators, Naturalists, and World Class Musicians. Learn how to create and deliver poetry that truly inspires. Come hone your verbal alchemy and learn to channel the cauldron of poesy. Find your instrument, and activate your gift musically. Through immersion in Nature, Entheogenic Experiences, Hawaiian Culture and Multi Media Performances in public. It all happens at the Center for Metamorphosis where activated individuals can come and immerse themselves in their gifts for 1,3, or 6 months. Emphasis is on discovering and honing YOUR GIFT through the arts, with curricula stemming from 4 main areas of: Nature, Art, Music/Movement, and Personal Aesthetic Expression. Held at Lumeria on Maui, an Educational Retreat 5 star Luxury Resort. For more information visit or call 808.446.1344. Registration begins 12.12.12, Campus photo below. visit

In partnership with Maui’s top educational/creative resources for edutainment such as Leumeria Maui, The Temple of Peace, Ahimza Sancturary Farms, Akaku TV station, and many more! Tuition will cover the cost of a room, classes, breakfast/lunch, expert teachers, and guided nature journeys for the duration of your stay. For more info write us at: we are accepting applicants beginning April 20th, 2012.

Notice How Maui is in the shape of the Bust of a Woman, here the female energies are potent, healing, and nurturing, That's why we locals say, Maui No Ka Oi! (Maui can't be beat) Join us in the island life!






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