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Date: July 6, 2012
Subject: Lovevolution Museletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan


In this June issue:
Aloha Lovevolutionaries!
R.I.P. Our beloved DreamingBear, founder/president of the Lovevolution Foundation Charity, and Maui’s Poet Laureate of nature has transitioned to the other side 10/23/72 – 7/25/12. Some of you knew DreamingBear’s story, of how he was born to a 15 yr old Cherokee woman and Palestinian father, and of his heritage of displacement via these cultural genealogies. Many of you don’t know that just before his birth, his under aged mother was encouraged to have an abortion (by the juvenile detention officers where she was being held for truancy) under the notion that she was too young to raise a child. She was asked to sleep on the decision, and luckily had a dream about it. In this dream a golden ‘honey-bear’ came to her under a weeping willow tree, and said, “You’re going to have a son, don’t kill this child, he will bring much beauty into this world.” When she awoke, her decision was made; she would keep the child and name him DreamingBear. That name has been the source of much magic in many circles and in some professional cases it has caused confusion. Although it represents part of his Cherokee heritage, the mainstream tends to not take the name ‘DreamingBear’ seriously due to its unusual nature, and some doors of opportunity have closed as a result. However, the core of DreamingBear’s friends and family and extended networks know and understand who he is and what he has stood for poetically. Now it's time for something NEW,and DreamingBear looks to the East & his Palestinian/Lebanese roots, back to the Kanaanite heritage and legacy, (the land of milk and honey). Now is the time for total personal INTEGRATION!

Almost 40 years after his mother had that dream, 'DreamingBear' has passed on so to speak. No he is not dead (far from it), but reemerging from the cocoon of Metamorphosis as a new being: Baraka. The name Baraka is DreamingBear’s given middle name, and in Arabic it means: the blessing of the saints. This 2012 is a turning point for many people…YOU may be feeling the emergence of your un-surfaced self. Beginning on 7/25/12 DreamingBear will begin to perform publicly as Baraka with the intention to manifest the meaning of that name, to spread the ‘blessing of the saints’ as it were. His friends and family will always know him as DreamingBear, but as Walt Whitman says, “Do I contradict myself, very well then, I contradict myself… I am large, I contain multitudes!” Baraka is simply another artistic expression of the same DreamingBear heart. This year he has chosen to devote his poetic performances to resurrecting the ancient wisdom of the mystics from all traditions, but with a modern twist. Imagine the words of luminaries such as Rumi, Hafez, Kabir, Tukaram, Kahlil Gibran, Omar Khayyam, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Moses, and indigenous voices from every continent all being retranslated for this generation and brought to life on stage in OUR language! That’s Baraka’s mission.

Why the transition from DreamingBear to Baraka you ask? Two very personal experiences have altered Baraka’s (a.k.a DB’s) focus. First, in late December of 2011 DreamingBear discovered that he has a form of highly functioning autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome. At first DB was discouraged by the news, but after learning more on the condition, he began to understand why he is the way he IS. He has spent the last year integrating that understanding into his performance art. Here is a little paragraph on the condition & a link for those who do not know what Asperger’s Syndrome is: Hans Asperger labeled this disorder "autistic psychopathy" in 1944. The exact cause is unknown. More than likely, an abnormality in the brain is the cause of Asperger syndrome. There is a possible link to autism, and genetic factors may play a role. Although people with Asperger syndrome often have difficulty socially, many have above-average intelligence. They may excel in fields such as music and science. There is no delay in their cognitive development, ability to take care of themselves, or curiosity about their environment. People with Asperger do not withdraw from the world in the way that people with autism withdraw. They will often approach other people. However, their problems with speech and language in a social setting often lead to isolation.

Norm Ledgin is the author who wrote Asperger's: Insight and Hope through Famous Role Models, which claims that thirteen giants of history - Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Mozart among them-also had Asperger Syndrome. Some people also believe that Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Darwin, Galileo, Pablo Picasso, Benjamin Franklin, Margaret Mead and Aristotle had Asperger Syndrome. Lately authors are adding Bill Gates to the list of famous ‘Aspies’ because of his lack of social skills, inability to make eye contact and tendency to rock back and forth coupled with his obsession with technology. Diane Kennedy, an author and advocate for Asperger Syndrome, writes, "They are our visionaries, scientists, diplomats, inventors, chefs, artists, writers and musicians. They are the original thinkers and a driving force in our culture."

The second reason for DreamingBear’s Transition to Baraka this year is because on 8/8/12 he will be undergoing a major spinal cord fusion surgery called the extreme lateral inter-body fusion or XLIF. It’s a new procedure, which offers hope to alleviate his physical disability. He has dealt with the pain of having 7 discs in his back blown out from a motorcycle accident for more than a decade now (MRI scans show significant injury and damage to his spine). After countless modalities for healing (including spinal decompression, stem cell therapy, and even monthly outpatient spinal-tap procedures to relieve the extreme pain and paralysis), spinal fusion is the last and best option. Here is a little paragraph about XLIF for those who’d like to know what it is: XLIF - or eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion - is an innovative approach to spine fusion, accessing the spine from the side of the body instead of the front or back like traditional methods. The spine can be approached from the mid-thoracic spine to the L4-5 disc space in the lower back. This side entry means sensitive back muscles are not disturbed and no bone removal is required. This means less postoperative pain and early return to normal function. By avoiding a direct frontal approach, there is less risk of injury to structures in the abdomen such as the large blood vessels, bowel, and the kidney draining tubes. And because there is little muscle dissection, less bone work and smaller incisions, there is less blood loss, less operative time, and less pain to the patient as compared to standard open spine surgery. With this surgery DreamingBear feels that it is time to reinvent his message & artistic expressions in this world, hence the launching of Baraka. .

Baraka is not only his namesake, but also the branding behind a new kind of poetic awakening. The ‘Baraka: Blessings of the Mystics” Album/Theatrical Production/ Film projects seek to resurrect the ancient voices of many of the world’s most profoundly effective thinkers. In this new expression Baraka Kanaan will offer a variety of multimedia performances featuring mystical interpretations of the words of Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Kahlil Gibran, Tukaram, Omar Khayyam, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Moses, and indigenous voices from every continent. The inaugural launching of both the Baraka project and public re-identification of his personage is being expressed through the ‘Blessing of the Mystics’ productions. On 7/25/12 the Mayan day out of time, DreamingBear will emerge as Baraka and below this message are links to the NEW artistry which we here at the Lovevolution Foundation truly believe will have a tremendous impact upon the hearts of this world. Visit: to get an advanced signed copy of this new album. (100% of proceeds go to charity!)

Look for the extended online version as well which features over 2 and ½ hours of cosmic poetics never before heard!

7 Days on Maui
Now Open to Children over 5 years of age!

12/15/12 till 12/22/12 *Special 2012 Mayan Calendar End-date Retreat room for 13 people only

2012 is half way through and the activation is emergent! We began the year in Tulum Mexcio, where we joined Sadie Nardini and friends ( for a Mayan activation the likes of which we can never forget, and it was AMAZING to say the least, and we’ll be seeing her and the NYC crew on the magical island of Nantucket for the Yoga Festival in July (details below). We have completed many Hawaiian retreats and are now launching Mauitopia: Hawaiian Adventure Retreats, now family friendly we accept participants with children ages 5 and over!  If you haven't book this all inclusive TAX-DEDUCTIBLE experience then do it today by visiting:


Mainland Tour 

Now as we transition past the half way point for this monumental year, we are pleased to announce our up coming Tours for Maui and the Mainland.

July 26-28
Nantucket Yoga Conference

September 14-16
Lovevolution Weekend at KRIPALU!
Kripalu Lenox, MA

October 5/6
Yoga weekend + meet with Terry from Netwerk Music
Vancouver, BC

October 12-14
Iowa City Yoga Festival

New ‘Baraka’ CD and Digital album released 7/13/12
For all the Geniuses out there we have another new Quantum Physical CD compilation out this year recorded live in Haiku, it is called: Transluminal Flux: The Heart-Science of Infinite Consciousness.

Visit or purchase it online at and other download sites. (100% of proceeds go to charity!)

Don’t miss out on the final book by DreamingBear before his transition to Baraka called Naked Singularity, it covers all the latest limit-edge sciences, and explains everything from the possibility of time travel to the interior of black holes… this book is for the advanced seeker ready to have their minds blown wide open. Visit

Of course you can never go wrong with a copy of Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness, written completely from a Tree-house on Maui and along the Nile river in Egypt. On kindle and other ebooks as well as signed hard copies

Finally, it is our great pleasure to announce that the Lovevolution Foundation is offering aspiring artists and companies in line with our vision to use our Foundation as an Umbrella, meaning you can have donors contribute to your artistry/project, and we will sponsor you through our 501 (c) 3 status so that your donor can have a tax break! Applicant must submit a proposal via email at

We are also in preparations to open a long awaited Tree-house Village on Maui! It all happens at the Center for Metamorphosis where activated individuals can come and immerse themselves in their gifts for 1,3, or 6 months. Emphasis is on discovering and honing YOUR GIFT through the arts, with curricula stemming from 4 main areas of: Nature, Art, Music/Movement, and Personal Aesthetic Expression. The experience will feature an operational Treehouse Village on 13 acres of pristine Maui real estate, featuring monthly performnces, Daily interactive Nature Excursions, and Sustainable Gardens/off-the-grid farming.



In partnership with Maui’s top educational/creative resources for edutainment such as Leumeria Maui, The Temple of Peace, Ahimza Sancturary Farms, Akaku TV station, & many more! Tuition will cover the cost of a room, classes, breakfast/lunch, expert teachers, & guided nature journeys for the duration of your stay. For more info write us at: we are accepting applicants beginning April 20th, 2012.



Come out and support a Father, a teacher, a Grammy award winner, & an inspiration! Fulton Tashombe's benefit at the HARDROCK JUNE 30th... & again in Iao Valley July 14h.
 CAN'T WE all just get a LUNG, benefit concerts!





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