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Date: August 18, 2011
Subject: Lovevolution Newsletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan

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Bhakti Festival, New book release called: Naked Singularity, and the Double CD-album Transluminal Flux (pre-order online today) The Voice of Nature 2011Tour Schedule & Website, + Hawaiian Dream Experience on Maui 2012.

Aloha to all Lovevolutionaries. After 9 months of gestating on Maui we are preparing to come to the mainland with a dose of ALOHA! In this newsletter take a look at our lineup including Bhakti Festival main-stage and many of the most high-energy venues across the nation! The most exciting news is that the Lovevolution is releasing a new book entitled Naked Singularity (The Heart-Science of Infinite Consciousness) *see the cover below; in conjunction with a new paradigm inter-disciplinary poetics double CD album featuring Maui’s master musicians of exotic and rare instruments and Nature’s Poet Laureate DreamingBear on Hang and vocals *see cover below; and pre-order today!

Also be sure to give some thought to where you want to be for the 2012 shift, and see if coming to Hawaii for a return to nature program would be of interest, all proceeds from all the projects listed go towards the Lovevolution public charity 501c3 dedicated to global transformation through individual inspiration!


Thursday, September 8-11, 2011 Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Joshua Tree, CA. Four days of Kirtan, Yoga, Workshops and Loving Community. Kirtan with Krishna Das, Deva Premal and Miten, Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer and more! Yoga with Saul David Raye, Shiva Rea, Mark Whitwell, Bryan Kest, Seane Corn, and more! Workshops with Ram Dass (via DVD), DreamingBear, Krishna Das, Radhanath Swami, and more!

“In general relativity, a naked singularity is a gravitational singularity, without an event horizon. In a black hole, there is a region around the singularity, the event horizon, where the gravitational force of the singularity is strong enough so that light cannot escape. Hence, the singularity cannot be directly observed. A naked singularity, by contrast, is observable from the outside. “

Naked Singularity is an interdisciplinary scientific-poetic book examining many aspects of consciousness as it relates to nature and the limit-edge zones of human understandings of the multiverse. New paradigm language, and dreamtime concepts merge into an organic exploration of the inherent genius within each of us. Naked Singularity offers insights on how to access our true power to serve the planet at large for the greater good. Topics discussed range from quantum physics, to sustainability, to lucid dreaming, to social justice, to the harnessing of consciousness as a natural resource, and much more.

 Release date: 10:10:11 Pre-order today $25 @ (all pre-orders are endorsed with a personal message from DreamingBear)


Transluminal Flux is the moment where Infinity folds back in upon It-self as the observer is disengaged, and the seed of singularity once again blooms into endless petals of potential. Consciousness connects to Original Thought with the sum total experience of every aspect in all forms of space, time, dimension, and the as yet inconceivable quintessence that is the very Source of existence in it’s countless incarnations. The flux is the meeting at a crossroads of the hyperspace hologram, in absolute recognition and acceptance of all that IS, in the endless caravan of sunsets and sunrises that unfold into the never ending Now!

This double CD box set is a companion to the book Naked Singularity which can be purchased on-line and contains an all original soundtrack of exotic world fusion music and performed versions of the songlines contained in the companion book Naked Singularity. All narrative vocals written, produced, and recorded by DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan. Music produced, accompanied, and recorded by Mateaus Kotok who played guitar, bass, percussion, and sang back-up vocals. Hang melody composed and performed by DreamingBear. Guest female vocalists Phoenix and Shea Derrick. Don Lax on viola and violin. Jitendra Russell on sitara. Eli Abrams on bass. John McClean on ude. Raphel Bejarano and DreamingBear on the hauca.To purchase a custom hand-made hauca visit:

Release date: 9:1:11 Pre-order today $25.00 @ (all pre-orders are endorsed with a personal message from DreamingBear)

2012 Hawaiian Dream Experience (private and group customizable return to nature retreats)

The Lovevolution Foundation Presents:

Hawaiian Dream Retreats
7 Days & Nights, All Inclusive, Affordable Luxury, Tax Deductible
100% of proceeds go to Lovevolution Foundation Public Charity
Support Positive Planetary Change and Take a Dream Adventure!
(Now booking for the 2012 season)
Monthly Vacation-Adventures on the Tropical Paradise of Maui, Hawaii

  • Beautiful Accommodations
  • Healthy Meals
  • Yoga By The Sea
  • Swim W. Wild Dolphins
  • Exotic Beach Locales
  • Private Concerts
  • Nightly Excursions
  • Guided Land Journeys
  • Spa
  • Meditation
  • New Paradigm Teachings
  • Relaxing Waterfalls
  • Fire-Side Starlight Drum-circles
  • Complete chauffeur packages available, or choose your own adventure options

So Much More!

For more information call 808.205.8117
Advance Deposit Required, All Forms of Payment Accepted, Tax ID # 37-1576756
Be Inspired, Transformed, & Rejuvenated for only $1300 (Bring a Friend and Save $100)


Voice of Nature Tour Dates and New Website: he Voice of Nature Tour, is a completely unique traveling edutainment experience involving a synthesis of exotic instruments and enchanting music, back-dropped by breakthrough projected time-lapse and CGI visuals, and interdisciplinary quantum poetics designed to infuse audiences with enthusiasm for the magic and wonder of Nature. Each show focuses on a different theme including a journey around the Universe, returning to nature, dreams, and creative genius. Each event culminates in a philosophical Q & A with DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan – Nature’s Poet Laureate from Maui, Hawaii.

All proceeds, including show ticket and product sales are tax deductible and go towards the Lovevolution Foundation educational public charity tax ID# 37-1576756.

September 2, 2011
Onironaught, the Art of Lucid Dreaming
7:00pm @ The Mystic Temple
($25) 12681 Sisar rd, Ojai ca 93023 805 727 0978

September 4, 2011
Journey To the Edge of the Universe
1:30pm @ Unity Church of Sedona
($20) 65 Deer Trail Drive Sedona, AZ

September 7, 2011
Return to Nature
7:30pm @ Ginger’s Garden
($25) 2488 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA
(949) 791-8048

September 8, 2011
Onironaught, the Art of Lucid Dreaming
7:00pm @ San Juan Capistrano
($25) 28311 Paseo Corrales San Juan Capistrano
(949) 370-7113

September 10-11, 2011
Bhakti Fest
9/10: Main Stage - Various Times
9/11: 2 Hour Journey to the edge of the universe program @ 7pm
Joshua Tree, California

September 13, 2011
Return to Nature
7:00pm @ Learning Light Foundation
($25) 1212 E. Lincoln Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 533-2311

September 14, 2011
Journey To the Edge of the Universe
7:30pm @ Awakenings
($25) 25260 La Paz Road, Suite D, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 457-0797

September 16, 2001
Journey To the Edge of the Universe
7:30pm @ Huntington Beach
($25) 19892 Ofelia Lane Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(949) 940-6260

September 17, 2011
Onironaught, the Art of Lucid Dreaming
7:30pm @ The Wonderstudy
Feat. Visionary Art of Leigh J. McCloskey
($25) 6032 Philip Ave. Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 457-5398

September 18, 2011
Journey To the Edge of the Universe
1:30pm @ Unity of Laguna Hills
($20) 22911 Mill Creek Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 472-9230

September 25, 2011
San Diego Private Home Event
Details TBA

September 28, 2011
Chicago Catalyst Event
Details TBA

October 1, 2011
Journey To the Edge of the Universe
1282 Old Skokie Rd, #1, Highland Park, IL 60035-3057
(847) 831-8828

October 2, 2011
Unity Moline: Sunday Service & Playshop
5102 47th Avenue Moline, IL 61265-8111

October 5, 2011
Healing Heart Center
3481 Utica Ridge Rd Bettendorf, IA 52722
October 7, 2011
Yoga Fest in Iowa City

300 East 9th St. Coralville, Iowa 52241 USA

October 8, 2011
Oneironaut The Art of Lucid Dreaming
Body & Soul
2728 Asbury Road Suite 777 Dubuque, IA 52001

October 9, 2011
Return to Nature
Morning Star Studios Creative Art & Yoga Center
51 1/2 Court St. Fairfield, IA 52556

October 10, 2011
Chicago Event TBA

October 15, 2011
Charlotte N Carolina Event Details TBA

October 16, 2011
Sweet Water Sustainability Institute
1401 State Hwy 11 North Sweetwater, TN 37874
5:30pm ($25)

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