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Date: March 6, 2011
Subject: Lovevolution Newsletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan


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Aloha Beloveds, 

Spring is in the air here in the heart of New Eden, mama Maui! In this Issue:

~  A New Video Message,
~  LUVOLUTION, A fundraiser for Venice Love Network 3/12/11
~  Dance for the Oceans Maui Event
~ A new Voice of Nature website by DreamingBear featuring a whole new look, and new Dream Products including talking stuffed    DreamingBears...check it out!
~  March 19th-26th we have an all new Tax Deductible Hawaiian retreat experience on Maui scheduled. Book now for the early bird 10% discount!!
~  2011 is the Return to Nature Tour, join us!
~  Video of the months, a modern day avatar:


Video of the month, a modern day avatar:

Aloha Beloved Ohana, Spiritual spring cleaning is in the air so We have a few questions for YOU. What have You done to give the Universe goose bumps lately? Are you living your dream and doing what you were born to do? Whose life have you helped improve recently? Where are the areas you can focus your energy that will serve you most at this time? and  How can YOU as an individual help the global Earth family in this time of shift and transformation? As the old paradigm collapses, we the pioneers, the lovolutionaries are calling upon each other to create cooperative win/win mutually beneficial networks and creations that go the distance in inspiring the world around us. It will require consistency on our parts, that means daily gardening, hourly dreaming the NEW dream INTO BEING, minute by minute being in an attitude of gratitude, and really embodying the most beautiful possible version of ourselves. As we strive together towards a common intent, we can be sure that the planet and all her inhabitants human and other, will feel the positive benefits of our love momentum. (JUST DO YOUR PART.)

 After months of hard work we now have a new website dedicated to social justice, edutainament, environmentalism, and the new paradigms, visit our new site with new dream products: ! New life is born into our efforts this month and we invite you to join us in blowing this world’s heart and mind wide open with an unparalleled expression of artistic and creative projects designed to reclaim our environment, raise the bar on social justice issues, and empower others to do the same for the sake of the future of all species. NOW is the time! We hope you enjoy this months new video selection, be sure to join our affiliate the Venice Love Network for their Luvolution fundraiser.  

Featuring our 2011 Voice of Nature Tour: 


Beginning on the Garden Isle of Kauai for the Unity Community 3/6/11 & 3/13/11. ***To bring us to your community, organization, or area for an inspiring event with DreamingBear contact Sebastian, our Publicity Director today 808-205-8117 or



Sunday, March 6 · 9:00am - 1:00pm
Cove Beach, Paia, Maui and all around the world!


A day of honoring and giving thanks to our oceans and waters!

There is a Very Important Global Event DANCE FOR THE OCEANS: if you are near a body of water, we are asking you to join us for the Ceremony called Dance for the Oceans happening here on Maui, but sistered to sites all over the planet. Over 10,0000 people gathered in August 2009 and danced on the beach in Ostend Belgium, creating a global movement ( We are doing it here! On March 6th @ 2pm Hawaii we will bring together thousands in honor of the waters to whom we owe our very survival. Recite these words to any body of water and join us in meditatively visualizing clean oceans, clean rivers, clean lakes, and a return of the pristine natural order of our home which could easily be called Planet Ocean. We are asking people to sing this mantra to the ocean or body of water in your area: Water we are sorry, water we love you, water we thank you, water we respect you.

Grandmother Robin Tekwelus Youngblood will open the ceremonies with an invocation and chant to honor the ancestors and Mother Earth, followed by a special prayer to our waters by Dreaming Bear Baraka Kanaan.

Ceremony on Maui will begin at 9:00am (the actual dance will be at 10:30am). However this is a worldwide event, so we invite you to join us wherever you are on the planet and dance with us at that time. Our intention is to gather as many people as possible to dance together making a statement that we care about our waters and to send healing energy to our oceans and everything that lives in it.

Pass the word along to your networks, and check out this weeks Aloha A’ina (love for the Earth blog about Liquid Consciousness:


For more information email Gaia at: or facebook:!/event.php?eid=133939793332663




Experience Island life: relax in the lush tropical oasis of Maui, swim with wild dolphins, whales, and giant sea turtles at play, soak in scenic waterfalls, escape to exotic warm water beaches, explore the night life of the most remote and romantic island chain in the world and live your DREAM today in an affordable way today!

Imagine 8 Days on Maui, catered to your dream adventure, with the option to extend, and all proceeds go towards the Lovevolution Foundation 501c3 Public Charity, so you can claim your vacation as a donation. + a 10% early bird discount.

Group Rates for the pre-scheduled retreats $1599 Private Room / $1399 Shared / $1200 Work Trade
(Includes room and breakfast/lunch, as well as all inclusive (Guided) adventures for each day and world class entertainment nightly!

Announcing the Lovevolution Affiliate program: the easiest word of mouth way to make yourself $$$ and help charity too!

LOVEVOLUTION AFFILIATE PROGRAM: If you wish to earn easy money and help fund a good cause then join our Lovevolution affiliate program in which when you help us book participants for the monthly retreat experience, and you can receive $100-$200 per-person who signs up (depending upon their booking rate). Remember all proceeds go towards funding the Lovevolution Public Charity and Global Social Movement, while also having the added benefit of reintroducing people to the pristine beauty of nature in this tropical Hawaiian paradise.

To become an affiliate simply contact us at:, with the subject title: AFFILIATE PROGRAM. We will put you in our database, and then you can share this link with your social networks and personal communities. Be sure and tell them to mention your name in the: Who should we thank for your participation box. Here is the link to share: *You can also apply your balance towards a free all inclusive retreat experience for yourself if you wish. Either way it's a win-win scenario, and our loving way of saying mahalo (thank you) for helping us inspire the world one person at a time, viva lovevolution!

 *New feature for 2011: $2000 Private Individual Retreat (All inclusive and scheduled at your convenience)

Private Customizable Retreat:
This is 8 day long experience involving all the usual retreat perks (such as meals, private room, daily excursions, yoga etc.) only designed to meet your specific needs and make your dream vacation come true. You can book your private retreat whenever is convenient for you and enjoy the many pleasures of paradise lifestyle for only $2000.


JOIN US! The Sacred Garden of Maui holds a Full Moon Labyrinth Walk 7:30pm-9:00pm Saturday, March 19 that is open to the public and offered by donation. Eve Hogan (this weeks guest facilitator is DreamingBear) offers a presentation on labyrinths, followed by the walking meditation and a discussion. Complimentary tea and hot chocolate are always served in the garden.
Just like a pilgrimage, the labyrinth offers a three-fold path:

The walk into the labyrinth,
is a time for contemplating your life and letting go of any inner obstacles you may encounter—stress, grief, thoughts, feelings, judgment, self-doubt—in preparation for reaching the center. Notice what you experience as this will be the very thing the labyrinth is teaching you. If what you discover about yourself serves you, great—do it with intention. However, if you find that the way you manuever through the labyrinth of life is not serving you, the labyrinth offers you an opportunity to experiment with new ways of going forth.

The center—the sacred destination is a time for silent meditation, contemplation and renewal. Stay in the center as long as you like, until you feel complete.

The return journey back out—offers a time for integration in which we take the insights that we gained on the labyrinth into our lives for implementation. By applying them through aligned action, we are able to create transformation and bring about change.

The magic of the labyrinth walk happens with METAPHOR. Be self-observant as you walk. The labyrinth will mirror to you what you need to see. Whatever you experience on the labyrinth will offer you insight as to what you need to pay attention to, and perhaps amend, in your life. You do not walk the labyrinth to learn about the labyrinth—you walk the labyrinth to learn about yourself. Everything is metaphor. Be self-observant.


Venice Love Network and friends present:

LUVOLUTION ~ A fundraiser for Venice Love Network

 March 12 at 9:30pm - March 13: 6am


The Lovevolution Foundation is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Venice Love Network. If you are in S. California we encourage all Lovevolutionaries to support this one of a kind event by a cutting edge inspired generation of artists and world changers. Please join us for this intentional event to celebrate EVOLUTION through LOVE! In a rare collaboration, Venice locals, businesses, community activists, artists, and visionaries have teamed up to create an incredible event to raise funds for a just cause. This event is a collaboration of over 40 individuals who share concerns for the human condition. This is the first of many biannual fundraising events that this team plans to organize with the goal of raising funds to feed the homeless. Change starts from our doorsteps so please join us in this noble cause and help us create a model community where love and compassion define our interactions with the less fortunate. We invite you to join us and help us put the LUV in EVOLUTION!


**About Venice Love Network**

On November of 2010, a group of Venice locals organized a group to serve Thanksgiving meals to the homeless on the boardwalk. The event was so successful and inspiring that the organizers and participants decided to do this monthly. It was through that inspiration that the Venice Love Network (VLN) was created with the immediate goal of feeding the homeless on the boardwalk once a month as well as collecting and distributing non-food donations. On the long term, VLN aspires to increase the frequency of the served meals as well as expanding its services to other parts of the Los Angeles County. If you would like to remain updated on the activities of Venice Love Network, please "Like" our page: 


Become Part of the Lovevolution NOW! (WE’RE CALLING GRANT WRITERS, and Event Organizers to step up!)

Visit to stay informed to the latest breakthroughs in cutting edge consciousness! We are actively setting our intention for financial angels, event organizers, and people who believe in what the Lovevolution is really all about. So if you believe in education as entertainment, earth centered awareness, eco and peace advocacy, and the merging of scientific and spiritual wisdom by way of heart centered awareness then call 1-808-205-8117 to donate resources and become a lovevolutionary today by helping spread the word. The Lovevolution World Tour continues and we are asking for any ohana (family) who wish to host Lovevolution events in their community, or to book private retreats contact us now. Write to: to find out how to get involved.

The fate of the world is in our hands, now let's do this TOGETHER! Viva Lovevolution

DreamingBear on these social networking websites:
http://lovevolutioJoin/ ... . 








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