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Date: November 2, 2010
Subject: Lovevolution Newsletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan

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Aloha from the heart of New Eden, MaMa Maui!

In this autumnal Issue:

11/11 International Lovevolution day, Nov 15-22, Hawaiian Vacation-Retreat, a video message from the trees, "Grow Your Own Garden" challenge, and a song to cheer you up!

Trees, rivers, waterfalls, warm blue oceans, volcanoes & Nature itself who have been my closest family for the last few weeks, send you a message saying, “WE MISS YOU, COME BACK HOME!” Upon returning from Chicago with the Lovevolution experience (Bless all the beautiful hearts met there & the Soria Center for their work in empowering women), this bear has been immersed in the wilderness & lost touch with virtual realities such as phones & emails, but am instead cultivating my strong intuition that telepathic communication is indeed our birth right, & how even spoken language is but a crude estimate, an approximation of what we are really capable of, which is conveying encyclopedic volumes of love, joy, & intention with faster than the speed of light results! If you listen closely, not with your ears, but with your heart, you will hear the Universe saying “I love you” in each moment, even now, softly hugging your tenderness. My Cherokee grandmother used to tell me, “we’re all shamans, we just haven’t all remembered how to listen to the wind yet…” So what ever you are doing to make IT happen, stop, & just find a quiet secluded place where you won’t be tempted to role play before others, & just be there as simply & honestly as you can, & then you will hear the voice of the wilderness from within saying what only YOU can hear. These Words are water for the body, so let's bathe the world in something ambient & golden. I imagine from time to time, that you must feel these energetic nudges in your own soul saying what words can never convey, only the heartfelt embrace of light merging with other light to fill every inch of the sky with something warm & beautiful. I will keep my telepathic-communication station of playfulness open to your responses, & greet you in the place where tigers still fly and leap from cloud to cloud. If at some point you feel something tickling you from the inside, it will only be this bear growling at you from the trees, held in the palm of mother nature, pawing at the threshold of your infinite capacity for creation saying: come play with me baby! come play.

PS: Our November 15-22nd Lovevolution retreat is almost full, only 2 more spaces left, so sign up today & give yourself the Hawaiian paradise gift of a lifetime!

Let's celebrate the beauty of what IS!

Message from the trees video

Lovevolution Foundation

November 11th International Lovevolution day! We have declared 11/11 to be Viva Lovevolution day, & are asking all those interested in being a part of the movement help spread the word! We are promoting:
Lovevolution Day dedicated global transformation through individual inspiration, based upon on four simple universal principles, which are as follows:
  • Education as Entertainment: making use of cutting edge knowledge from the various academic disciplines as a way of inspiring this world into a willingness to embrace their highest potential on every level.
  • Earth Centered Awareness: conservancy and promotion of a sustainable healthy biosphere promoting a clean environment for future generations to inhabit.
  • International Peace Advocacy: promotion of cross-cultural, transgender, & international equanimity by building relationships founded in the celebration of creative arts in order to unify rather than divide.
  • Spiritual & Scientific Unity: by focusing on the commonalities between spiritual & scientific traditions we wish to create a dialogue for recognizing our inherent inter-denominational oneness & planetary unity.
Place this “Love-Found” image above as a banner on your site & list 11/11 as a day of Lovevolution! It is our will that the Lovevolution Non-profit grow, so if you are on Facebook, send the link below to all your friends & social networks & help us achieve10,000 active conscious member affecting world change by the end of 2010, We are already nearing 6000 so join us today & help create a real life social movement for our generation:
If you would like to donate please also consider that a great b-day gift & donate tax deductible online

(Gratitude to Alexandra Duke for the image design for the Lovevolution! Hire her for your print designs today:

Announcing 3 new Lovevolution vacation-retreats: Take the most affordable & unforgettable adventure of a lifetime! November 15-22nd, February 19-26th, & March 19-26th!
November has only 2 spaces NOW!
Take the "Grow Your Own Garden Challenge" This autumn we at the Lovevolution are issuing a challenge to every lovevolutionary (that's you!) to grow their own garden consisting of at least 8 different plants. If every person had a personal garden (even you city folk;) we could begin our re-education as care takers of the Earth. It's a simple recipe, get some seeds of plants you love to eat (basil, tomatoes, chives, mushrooms etc., plant at thumb's length into some good soil, in a place where you can easily water & expose them to sunlight; then watch the miracle of Nature happen before your eyes. We are asking you to keep a pictoral diary of your plants progress, & on 1/11/11 of the new year we will donate $111.11 to the gardener who's patch represents the most creative & well produced eatables! You can join the challenge by joining the Lovevolution cause of facebook & posting your pictures & progress, all participants must contact DreamingBear directly & have a paypal account to be entered to win the $111.11 so PLAY IT FORWARD & help us grow a greener & more sustainable sacred new Earth. Here is the link to join the cause today & help make a difference:
Here is a helpful link with videos & instructions on how to begin, including free garden design layout software & what to keep in mind for growing food in urban areas (i.e. potted plants) & back yards:


A song for those on the verge of giving up, called Just Breathe

click here to listen


Become Part of the Lovevolution NOW! (WE'RE CALLING GRANT WRITERS & Event Organizers to step up!)

Visit to stay informed to the latest breakthroughs in cutting edge consciousness! We are actively setting our intention for financial angels, event organizers, & people who believe in what the Lovevolution is really all about. So if you believe in education as entertainment, earth centered awareness, eco & peace advocacy, & the merging of scientific & spiritual wisdom by way of heart centered awareness then visit to donate resources & become a lovevolutionary today by helping spread the word. The Lovevolution World Tour continues & we are asking for any ohana (family) who wish to host DreamingBear in their home as a guest & or to host an event or book private readings contact us now. Write to: to find out how to get involved. 

Come play with us at these high frequency catalyst experiences, help plan a future event & help spread the word!

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