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Date: May 18, 2010
Subject: Lovevolution Newsletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan

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Aloha Beloved Ohana,

In This 2010 New Eden May Issue: Dare to be Inspired! New Summer Schedule, LA, San Fran, Oregon & More! Join us & be a living-force in the social movement of evolution through love.New schedule...join us and be transformed!

Beloved Family & Friends! 

It was awesome to be with James Cameron just a few weeks ago & the wonderful outpouring of 5000 inner-city youth that came to be educated on Nature, wow it is New Paradigm Time indeed! The New Living Expo was an amazing experience having shared the stage with Dr. Emotto once again, here is a link to the video footage if you are interested:  ­­­ . May & June hold amazing opportunities for us as the Lovevolutionary family to unite in common intention of Global transformation through the creative arts of inspiration. Harmony Festival has invited us to perform & we want your presence & support. Also, if you wish to host a summer event by bringing Lovevolution experience to your community then call us now because the year is filling up fast, or at least join us at one of the high vibration events listed below. You won’t want to miss the VOICES OF FREEDOM concert with living legend (& Native American Hero) John Trudell.  Plus if you are planning of going to Mystic Garden Party we have a few 20% discount tickets, the info is below. Additionally, we will be traveling to New York this August for an east coast Lovevolution, so help us in advance by spreading the word if it resonates.

In honor of our planet here is your May-day message from DreamingBear (excerpt from Wild Love ~Kissed into Consciousness~): 

Forget Everything & Just Dance


Forget everything anyone ever taught you
about right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly
& just dance my Dear.
Dance the way you do when no one else is looking
& you have no reputation to protect,
or inhibitions to keep you from being free.
For you, the Lover has commissioned this spinning galactic dance floor,
& is now there upon the threshold of your heart’s hesitation saying:
O come my Sweet, don’t be shy, for it makes my Soul smile
to see your Mind & Spirit move together like that.


 Forget those worries & obligations;
those mean spirited words & unkind thoughts
forget your own harsh inconsiderate actions of the past & just sing!
Sing like you do in the shower when you think no one is listening.
For the Sun & Moon are already there,
keeping company with planets & stars,
all have joined hands together
& are whirling their way through the Universe
in enamored expressions of overwhelming ecstatic joy
& all are thinking quietly to themselves
as they pass your bedroom window in the night:
if only you would untie your wings & let the Sacred in you soar,
if only you could see the Light of your own astounding presence,
then perhaps the world around you (a world full of anguish & sorrow)
would remember something of their true sublime beauty
& be able to smile in absolute purity once again.


Forget about politics, religion, & money;
forget about fitting in & having to be right,
& just laugh my Dear, laugh!
Laugh the way children do when they forget about the brain
& give into Love for a lesson in Heart-Storming,
like a wild inferno of joy
overflowing & expanding out of control with Light.
For once you set yourself loose
to join your divine dance partners in the Sky,
the flowers will open, the trees will gather,
the wind will bow itself at your feet
& God herself will step onto the spiraling flames of existence,
& take your soul by the hand
uttering these soft holy words as a prayer saying:
at last, at last my Love, at last
at last We are complete.

So if you are ready to inspire the planet, give the universe goosebumps, & make all of existence say WOW then come play with us & help ignite the fire that is reforming the future into a sustainable place of Peace.

Tenderly, DreamingBear

 3 new Lovevolution retreats this summer: June 14-21, July 12-19, & August 2-9

Lovevolution Retreat 
click here for large flyer

Come experience the lovevolutionary lifestyle, relax, swim with Dolphin & Whales, hike a volcano, bathe in waterfalls, melt into sunset beach yoga, experience nature in luxury & have the most unforgettable adventure of a lifetime in the unparalleled beauty that awaits you on the Hawaiian Island of Maui!

Come play in "New Eden" for 3 vacation-retreats with DreamingBear & friends!
Register now online 

Lovevolution Retreats offer an equal blend of vacation style adventure & relaxation, combined with new paradigm approaches in consciousness. (Sliding scale pricing & early bird registration discount of 10%)

Includes superb accommodations with delicious daily gourmet meals, join us for swimming with dolphins & whales, plus daily teaching, meditation, yoga, body work, shamanic land journeys, music, sound healing, relationship dynamics, chanting, fire drum circles. Daily excursion to remote & exotic locations, rare beaches, & every night a new adventure in dining, dance, & celebration!

Maui community involvement with The Studio Maui, Hawaii's premiere conscious center.

Register online or call 808-205-8117 for more information.

"I had the most mind-blowing experiences on Maui on Dreaming Bear's Lovevolution Retreat. I still really haven't come back down to's a spiritual high I'm never going to come down from. Living in the conscious NOW was such an amazing buzz! Swimming with dolphins and, for a few hours, becoming one of their pod was truly a special and emotional moment for me as was our shamanic journeys and rituals into amazing Haleakala volcano, the spectacular forests and amazing beaches that is Maui. Exotic fruit and food, community, Dreaming Bear's gorgeous friends, who all shared their wonderful gifts and LOVE, and the spectacular location of Haiku all made me, feel like I was home. Dreaming Bear is an absolute 'dream'. He has a spellbinding presence that is very raw and real. His beauty is obvious to all that have set sight on him but to know him is to appreciate it's the LOVE, which radiates from within him, that truly makes him shine. He took me places within that I have never been and his music, poetry and love opened me up to new horizons and to what IS. I feel blessed. " - Meg Butcher Melbourne, Australia



Here is our summer travel schedule. We are calling on all Lovevolutionaries to help the movement by organizing a Lovevolution community event in your area, call NOW 808-205-8117 or write & help us spread the medicine of evolution through love!  

  • Lovevolution Experience: The art of Lucid Dreaming
    Bodhi Tree Bookstore
    8585 Melrose Ave
    West Hollywood, CA 90026
    7-10 pm
    (310) 659-1733
  • Saturday, May 22nd
    Voices of Freedom featuring John Trudell
    The Arcadia Women's Club
    324 South 1st Avenue
    Arcadia, CA 91006
    7:00 to 10:30pm
    Tickets are $25.00
    Contact: Linda (310) 550-1182

    Voices Of Freedom
  • Sunday, May 23rd (date change)
    Tibetan Dream Yoga
    Unity Church of Sedona
    65 Deer Trail Drive
    Sedona, AZ
    1:30 - 3:30 pm
  • Tuesday, May 25th
    Lovevolution Poetic Satsang: & The Happy Oasis Potluck
    4395 Lake Fork Rd.
    Prescott, AZ 86301-8416
    6-10 pm 
  • Monday, June 7th
    Café Gratitude - Monday Night Live
    with DreamingBear Kanaan as featured poet
    206 Healdsburg Ave (inside the Olive Leaf)
    Healdsburg, CA 95448
    Phone: 707-723-4461
  • Wednesday, June 9th
    Culture Works
    310 Oak Street
    Ashland, OR
    8:30 -11 p.m.
    doors open at 7:30 p.m.
    $15 in advance/$20 at the door
    order tickets online

    Ashland Flyer
  • Friday, June 11th
    Harbin Hotspings
    18424 Harbin Springs Road
    Middletown, CA 95461
    Reservations: (707) 987-2477 • California 1-800-622-2477
  • Saturday, June 12th
    Harmony Festival
    Goddess Stage
    3:30 - 4:10 pm
    Sonoma County Fairgrounds, CA
    The 32nd Annual HARMONY FESTIVAL June 11th through 13th at Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa! The Harmony Festival is the West Coast’s premier outdoor and progressive lifestyle festival, featuring world-class performers, a global marketplace with more than 300 vendors, and 35,000+ attendees. Dozens of notable performers, artists and speakers supporting eco-awareness, healthy lifestyles, community activism and conscious uplifting music are presented including Ms. Lauryn Hill, Slightly Stupid, Steel Pulse, Galactic w/Chali 2nd & Lyric Born, Zappa Plays Zappa, Bruce Lipton, Caroline Casey and Dan Millman. This year’s Harmony After Dark line-up features 2 nights of reggae, hip-hop and DJ's  featuring Steel Pulse, Galactic Zion I, Wisdom Tipper, Ott, Galactic with Chali 2NA & Lyrics Born as well as a Kirtan Experience with Jai Uttal, Snatam Kaur, Jaya Lakshmi and more. Returning in 2010 is the festival’s newest breakout attraction, The Eco Rally! "Call To Action" Zone (formerly Eco Cup), featuring skating, action sports, local shops, eco-awareness, Derby girls and much more. Exhibits, workshops and interactive experiences are found in Crafter’s Village, Eco Wellness Sanctuary, Goddess Grove, Wellness Pavilion, Food Faire and Kids Village.  All ages are invited and kids under 6 and under are FREE. Tickets & Complete festival information available at

August 15th - September 20th:  New York, Burning Man, Bakti Fest & more to be announced in upcoming newsletter!!! 

Become Part of the Lovevolution NOW! 

Visit to stay informed to the latest breakthroughs in cutting edge consciousness! We are actively setting our intention for financial angels, event organizers, & people who believe in what the Lovevolution is really all about. So if you believe in education as entertainment, earth centered awareness, eco & peace advocacy, & the merging of scientific & spiritual wisdom by way of heart centered awareness then visit www.lovevolution.netto donate resources & become a lovevolutionary today by helping spread the word. The Lovevolution World Tour continues & we are asking for any ohana (family) who wish to host DreamingBear in their home as a guest & or to host an event or book private readings contact us now. Write to: poetryinmotionproductions@msn.comto find out how to get involved.Come play with us at these high frequency catalyst experiences, help plan a future event & help spread the word!

Join DreamingBear on these social networking websites:





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