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Date: April 12, 2010
Subject: Lovevolution Newsletter

Lovevolution Newsletter - DreamingBear Kanaan

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Aloha Beloved Earth Family,

In This 2010 New Eden April Issue: New schedule...join us and be transformed!

Beloved Family & Friends!
Spring is upon us, & with it the promise of a summer filled with fun, adventure & exploration into the new paradigms. The Lovevolution public charity is proud to co-sponsor an evening with James Cameron! We hope you will consider joining us by sponsoring a child for this Earth Day extravaganza, as we bus inner city youth to the ‘HomeTree’ event designed to promote individual & global transformation. My dear friend & National Radio show host Richard ‘richheart’ Greene (author of Words That Shook The World) is offering all Lovevolutionaries the chance for a meet & greet with James and the cast when registering through this list

In honor of our planet here is your Earth day message from DreamingBear (excerpted from Wild Love on sale now


The Naked Tenderness of Truth

 Let my heart be like the Wind,
free & untamed as these words reach in
& tickle your soft inner core with Light!

God is a tree & we are her many dancing leaves
breathing in the exhilaration & warmth
of a sudden-sweet summer’s breeze.

Here I am again, milking golden honey from the heart of the Moon
& lacing the moment with wild wonder-filled laughter!

As I so tenderly cradle your soul in my palms
like a newborn angel of bewilderment & inspiration.
Now listen to what my heart, & an eagle’s wings
are always saying to the sky
it is a one-word-prayer of: Grateful.

Today, the sunshine felt like Father’s hugs, warm & tender,
as I dissolved into the sand being kissed by the sea.
The Night & the Moon were once such amorous lovers,
now they just wink & smile at each other
from across the waist of the Earth
hoping to catch a glimpse of the passion they once shared
when the universe wasn’t looking
& they were free to simply dissolve into one another’s stare.

No amount of searching outside oneself
can reveal the naked tenderness of Truth
which has undressed herself inside your heart’s hallway
& keeps lustily whispering in your soul’s ear saying:
~come kiss me, come kiss my sweet pursed lips in prayer~

Because Love is the softest realization
when it happens from within,
as you begin to sense & feel the sacred Beautiful One,
inhabiting every heartbeat & breath,
& every unutterable expression of existence
your essence & this world
have ever truly known.


Tenderly, DreamingBear

 3 new Lovevolution retreats this summer: June 14-21, July 12-19, & August 2-9

Lovevolution Retreat 
click here for large flyer

Come experience the lovevolutionary lifestyle, relax, swim with Dolphin & Whales, hike a volcano, bathe in waterfalls, melt into sunset beach yoga, experience nature in luxury & have the most unforgettable adventure of a lifetime in the unparalleled beauty that awaits you on the Hawaiian Island of Maui!

Come play in "New Eden" for 3 vacation-retreats with DreamingBear & friends!
Register now online 

Lovevolution Retreats offer an equal blend of vacation style adventure & relaxation, combined with new paradigm approaches in consciousness. (Sliding scale pricing & early bird registration discount of 20%)

Includes superb accommodations with delicious daily gourmet meals, join us for swimming with dolphins & whales, plus daily teaching, meditation, yoga, body work, shamanic land journeys, music, sound healing, relationship dynamics, chanting, fire drum circles. Daily excursion to remote & exotic locations, rare beaches, & every night a new adventure in dining, dance, & celebration!

Maui community involvement with The Studio Maui, Hawaii's premiere conscious center.

Register online or call 808-205-8117 for more information.

 "DREAMING BEAR'S MAUI RETREAT was an ultimate treat for the heart & soul. warm and homey at a beautiful haiku location with lovely gardens, sweeping views and sweet exotic fruit sharing space with starry nites magical journeys & yummy vibrations. we swam inside pods of wild dolphins for hours, sang along with beautiful musicians, climbed purple mountains and did shamanic rituals in bamboo forests & water ceremonies at secret beaches. we were blessed and kissed into a conciousness he speaks of in his book Wild Love... dreaming bear himself is like hangin' with Elvis Presley...the scene is beautiful and the molecules are divine...two weeks later and i am still recovering... thank you sooooo much Mister Bear..." - Lynda Najarian Marin Ca


Don’t miss out on our weekly live televised Maui gatherings filmed @ the Temple of Peace. If you can’t come to Paradise, then let it come to you in the privacy of your own home, get some popcorn, & a blanket & join us in our celebrations of Love every wed. night 7pm  and Sunday mornings 10 am Hawaii time & tell a friend: or


Here is our summer travel schedule. We are calling on all Lovevolutionaries to help the movement by organizing a Lovevolution community event in your area, call NOW 808-205-8117 or write & help us spread the medicine of evolution through love!

  • April 30st - May 2nd
    New Living Expo
    San Francisco, CA
    DreamingBear appearance - Sunday May 2 at 6 p.m.
  • Friday, May 7th
    Tibetan Dream Yoga
    Private Residence
    Occidental, CA
    7-10 p.m.
    Contact: Carol at (707) 874-3995
  • Saturday, May 8th
    Open Secrets Bookstore
    923 C St.
    San Rafeal, CA
    7:30 p.m.
    (415) 457-4191
  • Saturday, May 22nd
    Voices of Freedom featuring John Trudell
    The Arcadia Women's Club
    324 South 1st Avenue
    Arcadia, CA 91006
    7:00 to 10:30pm
    Tickets are $25.00
    Contact: Linda (310) 550-1182
  • Sunday, May 30th
    Tibetan Dream Yoga
    Unity Church of Sedona
    65 Deer Trail Drive
    Sedona, AZ
    1:30 - 3:30 pm

    view large flyer

  • Monday, June 7th
    Café Gratitude - Monday Night Live
    with DreamingBear Kanaan as featured poet
    206 Healdsburg Ave (inside the Olive Leaf)
    Healdsburg, CA 95448
    Phone: 707-723-4461
  • Saturday, June 12th
    Harmony Festival
    Goddess Stage
    3:30 - 4:10 pm
    Sonoma County Fairgrounds, CA

  • June 14-21
    Experience Lovevolution: Hawaiian Retreats with Dreaming Bear & Friends
    7 Days on Maui
  • July 12-19
    Experience Lovevolution: Hawaiian Retreats with Dreaming Bear & Friends
    7 Days on Maui
  • August 2-9
    Experience Lovevolution: Hawaiian Retreats with Dreaming Bear & Friends
    7 Days on Maui
  • Sunday, August 8th
    Dream Yoga Workshop
    Meta Center Manhattan
    214 West 29th Street
    New York, NY 10001-5281
    (212) 736-0999
  • Wednesday, August 18th
    Fractal Dreaming Playshop - The Art of Lucid Dream Travel
    East West Cafe
    78 Fifth Avenue @ 14th Street
    New York, New York 10011
    7 - 8:30 pm
  • September 9th -12th
    Bhakti Fest
    Joshua Tree, CA
  • September 24th -26th
    Raw Spirit Festival
    Watson State Park
    3101 N State Route 89
    Prescott AZ, 86301
    Order tickets here 

    Become Part of the Lovevolution NOW! 

    Visit to stay informed to the latest breakthroughs in cutting edge consciousness! We are actively setting our intention for financial angels, event organizers, & people who believe in what the Lovevolution is really all about. So if you believe in education as entertainment, earth centered awareness, eco & peace advocacy, & the merging of scientific & spiritual wisdom by way of heart centered awareness then visit www.lovevolution.netto donate resources & become a lovevolutionary today by helping spread the word. The Lovevolution World Tour continues & we are asking for any ohana (family) who wish to host DreamingBear in their home as a guest & or to host an event or book private readings contact us now. Write to: poetryinmotionproductions@msn.comto find out how to get involved.Come play with us at these high frequency catalyst experiences, help plan a future event & help spread the word!

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 It is my pleasure to introduce you to the next generation of books in the form of Debra Giusti's new multimedia creation with vital information on the coming 2012 possibilities from 33 leading thinkers of our time. I know that it will blow your mind. Take a look & see if it resonates!




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