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Date: November 2, 2009
Subject: Lovevolution Newsletter

Dreaming Bear Kanaan Newsletter

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Aloha reality benders! We are happy to announce that DreamingBear has been featured on the cover of Awareness Magazine which has world wide distribution on line and is popular all over the States! Pick up your copy today and/or visit online at to check out the article entitled "DreamingBear: Dreaming A New Sustainable & Sacred Earth" proving once & for all that: The SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT! We can do anything we put our hearts to. Right now is the moment you've been waiting for to show this world what you're made of, give it all you've got while you've got it! Don't hold back baby, because if you can dream it, then you can BE it! Use your power, bend reality around you, let your intentions manifest into action, because the best way to start a movement, is by MOVING! There has never been a more ripe opportunity for the collective consciousness to expand into higher orders of awareness & creative action! Lovevolution is very excited to bring you new information on some exciting events that will alter the very fabric of existence! We are asking that YOU help us spread the word, be a dream midwife, and pass this info on to everyone you know, and come participate in what will no doubt be an epic turning point in the conscious shift happening through OUR co-operative efforts!

Shine on beloveds and we hope to see you here in LA for the next few events (listed below), and again Jan 22, Feb 22 and March 22 on HAWAII with DreamingBear & friends for three Heartplay retreats in Paradise!

HeartPlay In Paradise
Hawaiian Retreats with DreamingBear & Friends

8 days On MAUI with three retreats:
January 22, 2010 - February 22, 2010 - March 22, 2010
Ohana, An average stay in Hawaii costs $200 a night for just the hotel, why be a tourist & PAY more when you can come play, transform, & experience Paradise for a fraction of the cost but with ten times the return on your energetic investment?! Here's how!

click here for large flyer
Register now online

Lovevolution Retreat Center in Haiku (Sliding scale pricing! & early bird reg. discount of 10%) Includes superb accommodations with delicious daily gourmet meals, join us for swimming with dolphins & whales, plus daily teaching, meditation, yoga, body work, shamanic land journeys, music, sound healing, relationship dynamics, chanting, fire drum circles, Maui community involvement. Nightly ecstatic dance, starlight song circles, full moon excursions to the volcano, lucid dream travel, play ritual, shamanic land journeys, inter-species communication experiments, & the development of internal technologies to name a few.

Register online at or call 808-205-8117 for more information.

Experience wild Dolphins & Whales!

+elijah- & the Band of Light: world renown vocalist producer & songwriter, leading soulful kirtan & chant- dance.

VALARIEN is a visionary composer, producer, virtuoso guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, who specializes in high vibrational music.

Joined by Yoga experts from various disciplines of Studio Maui’s premiere nature Yogis!

Sliding Scale: Private room $1200, shared space $950, shared space & work trade $800.
Daily Rate w/o room & board: $55


  • Friday, November 6th
    Transformational Linguistic Alchemy with DreamingBear & Valarien
    (on phi ratio music)
    El Leon Spa
    10 pm - 11:30 pm
    8217 Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    $10 RSVP 323-782-9582
  • Saturday, November 7th
    DreamingBear (w/special musical guest Valarien)
    Lovevolution Playshop
    7:00 pm
    Bodhi Tree Bookstore
    8585 Melrose Ave.
    West Hollywood, CA, 90069
    (310) 659-4428 ext. 113
  • Wednesday, November 11th
    DreamingBear Lovevolution-MALIBU
    In the Studio of Visionary Artist Leigh McCloskey
    (w/special musical guest Valarien)
    7:30 pm
    RSVP To Carla 310-457-5398
  • Sunday, November 15th
    Unity Spiritual Life Center Laguna
    The 10 am Service & a 1:30pm Interactive Playshop
    Unity Spiritual Life Center
    22911 Mill Creek Dr
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    (949) 472-9230
    (Special Musical Guest Valarien)
    visit to hear music
  • Sunday, November 22nd
    DreamingBear joins & MC's Jah Levi's Roots Festival
    Feat. six world class musicians (& Musical Guest Valarien)
    San Geronimo, CA
    101 N. San Anselmo
    exit Sir Francis Drake west past Fairfax
    & then Woodacre R on Lagunitas School Road.
    Lagunitas School parking lot shuttle every 15 min. starting 7 pm.
  • Tuesday, November 24th
    The Lovevolution Experience
    @ Jah Levi's Mansion By RSVP only
    (W. Musical Guest Valarien)
    Call 808-205-8117 or emaill:
  • Sunday, November 29th
    Lovevolution Playshop
    Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living
    Dreaming Bear speaks @ Service & Music 10 am till 11:15 am
    1pm Interactive Playshop
    591 Cascade Dr.
    Fairfax, CA 94930
    Call Bodhi: 415-485-1327
  • Monday, Nov. 30th
    Dreaming Bear & The Lovevolution Experience
    live @ Open Secret bookstore in
    (W/ Musical Guest Valarien)
    923 C St.
    San Rafael, CA
    Call Rob @ 415-457-4191, to reserve seating
    $13 at the door, $10 pre-registration
    Come laugh, dance sing, & PLAY!
  • Tuesday, December 1
    At Spirit Heart: Language for the New Paradigms
    with DreamingBear & Musical Guest Valarien
    Hosted by Carol Singler Occidental, CA
    RSVP 707.874.3885
  • Sunday, January 10th, 2010
    Unity Church of Kona-Kohala
    DreamingBear's Lovevolution Playshop
    74-5118 Kaalakaa St
    Kailua Kona, HI. US. 96740 Email:
    Additional Information: Services Sunday 9:30 am
  • Sunday, January 17, 2010
    DreamingBear speaks on: Languages for the Emerging Paradigms
    2 pm
    Lovevolution Interactive Playshop
    (RSVP 808-205-8117 for $5 discount)
    Meets 10:00 am every Sunday Morning at Pualani Terrace in Kealakekua,
    (just south of Kamagaki Market) 15 minutes south of Kailua-Kona, the Big Island of Hawaii.
    For further directions (808)329-2222
  • HeartPlay in Paradise: Hawaiian Retreats with DreamingBear & Friends
    ~8 days On MAUI~ with two retreats beginning: 1/22/10, 2/22/10, 3/22/10
    Click here for large flyer

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