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Date: May 20, 2009
Subject: DreamingBear - Lovevolution Newsletter

Dreaming Bear Kanaan Newsletter

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Maui Waterfall

Message on Lucid Dreaming from DreamingBear

Aloha Kings & Queens of New Eden,

Viva Lovevolution! Now is the season of Dreams! The average person will spend about six years of their life dreaming. However, very few will develop the ability to remember even a fraction of that experience, rendering the rest of society with dream-amnesia. Dreaming was once a way of life, indigenous peoples from all cultures have long standing dream traditions as a form of spiritual practice & intuitive development, including the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Tibet, & the Maya to name a few. The very first religions were dream based; many Native American customs included entire families dreaming together & sharing their dreams over breakfast as a sort of preview of what to anticipate for the day. Tribal wisdom suggests that all dreams are of the future, & you get to choose which of them will manifest. When we dream, we all go to a sort of subconscious nexus, or hub of otherworldly interactions. To the aboriginal people of Australia, Dreaming is the objective reality, a kind of “all at once time” or “every-when” whereas the waking world is an illusion. Although many scientific & technological advancements have developed from dreams such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Edison’s light bulb, & others too numerous to mention, western society has largely ignored the value of dreaming as an arena for experimentation & exploration. Instead of tapping into the latent potential of our dreams as a direct line to the Source of all information, we have relegated dreams to being merely a phenomenon or byproduct of biology. As a consequence, entire generations have developed a nightly coma, forgetting some of the most adventurous moments in their life filled with reality bending, mind blowing epiphanies of experience! Dreams are our inter-dimensional doorways, personal connection to Infinity, fractals of pure potentiality, reflection of our psychological emotional state, & a golden opportunity to cultivate our unlimited being into waking embodiment. The real journey begins as you access nonlocal mind, awaken the sixth sense of lucidity, & create your own adventure into the great unknown.

Soon I will be in the city of Angels again, a vortex of enlightened beings & conscious pioneers! My greatest desire on this journey is to humbly coauthor something absolutely new, something unprecedented in human consciousness & evolution, something so beautiful that it gives the broken hearted back their song, and leaves us all laughing, dancing, & singing in union! I wish to conjure a new breed of men, who are loving strong & kind, & empower women back into their Goddess nature. Be my dream mid-wife & help spread the word to any place or community that is ready for a quantum conscious leap into the new paradigm.

Dates and details of my events are listed below. If you happen to live in the area I look forward to connecting with you. If you know people who live nearby, please let them know about these events. I am grateful for your partnership in activating this Lovevolution!

DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan


METAMORPHOSIS Retreat with Heather Salmon & DreamingBear

Join us for this 3-Day Ritual Retreat June 19-21 for an empowering activation as we share the best of the best of what we know of optimal lifestyle, spiritual practices, living from the soul and purpose and thriving in an ever-changing world at beautiful Harbin Hot Springs. Harbin is one of the World's most renowned and successful "alternative/New Age" communities. It is situated on 1700 acres of sacred land and its healing pools were a gathering place where First Nations chiefs and tribes would hold council and conduct sacred ceremony. Harbin is a 35-year-old community. Its 200 residents run the facility and are known for their multifaceted and creative nature. Tuition is $295 and it includes camping, use of Harbin's pools & facility, raw vegan meals & food demonstrations, playshops on dreaming, sound, meditation, energy healing practices, movement, yoga, hiking, nature, council, sacred ceremony, and Awakening the Dreamer discussions and so much more!

Soak, Sound, Dream, Dance and Play
* Dream Technology
* Sound Healing
* Learn ancient tools of manifestation and transformation
* Align with the energies of Nature and the Cosmos and let them assist you with your metamorphosis
Harbin Hot Springs
Mountain Lodge
18424 Harbin Springs Road
Middletown, CA, 95461
Begins Friday June 19th @5 pm Ends Sunday, June 21st @4 pm
For more information and to register contact Heather Salmon at

Metamorphosis Poster
Download flyer

The Latest Lovevolution Tour Dates For California

Here are the latest events currently scheduled on my Lovevolution Tour in Cali. in May/June. I will continually post updates on my website so be sure to visit for the latest details.

Friday, May 22nd
The Haven (Private Residence)
4165 Candleberry Ave
Seal Beach, CA 90740
7 pm
To RSVP contact Tora Moon at 562-598-5761 or

Sunday, May 24th
260 N Pass Ave
Burbank, CA 91505
Sunday Service, 10am Service
Afternoon Playshop: 1-3pm, Fractal Dreaming: Dream Travel and the Art of Lucidity

Wednesday, May 27th
The Inside Edge - University Club
University of California, Irvine
801 East Peltason
Irvine, CA 92612
6:30-8:30 am

Thursday, May 28th
Bodhi Tree Bookstore
8585 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA, 90069
310-659-4428 ext. 113
7:30 pm

Saturday, May 30th
Elevate Films
711 South Olive St, Suite 601 (rooftop)
Los Angeles, CA 90014
7 pm
To RSVP contact Sandy Nelson at

Sunday, May 31st
Center for Spiritual Living
25782 Obrero Dr. Unit D
Mission Viejo, CA
10 am
Service 12-2:30 pm
Fractal Dreaming: The Art of Lucidity and Dream Travel
For more information contact: 949-481-4040

Tuesday, June 2nd
Bodhi Tree Bookstore
8585 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA, 90069
310-659-4428 ext. 113
7:30 pm
Playshop: Fractal Dreaming: Lucidity and the Art of Dream Travel

June 5th-7th
Raw Spirit Festival
Live Oak Campground
Santa Barbara, CA

June 12th-14th
Harmony Fest
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
Santa Rosa, CA

Tuesday, June 16th
East West Bookshop
324 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
7:30 pm

June 19th - 21st
Metamorphosis Retreat with Heather Salmon

Sunday, June 21st
Summer Solstice Celebration with DreamingBear Kanaan and Heather Salmon
Harbin Hot Springs
Heart Consciousness Church Temple
18424 Harbin Springs Road
Middletown, CA, 95461
8:30pm - 10:30pm
For more information and to register contact Heather Salmon at

Friday June 26th
An evening spoken word concert with DreamingBear Kanaan
Hosted by Carol Singler
Occidental, CA
7 pm
$20 suggested donation
To RSVP and for more details contact: Carol Singler at

Do you live in California?
Book a Private Initiaion Session with DreamingBear

DreamingBear is also available for private sessions while on the road.
Please read below for more details on how to schedule a personal empowerment session.

Through the use of essential flower essences, sound healing therapy, guided light work, & clearing of “karmic cobwebs,” DreamingBear offers personal empowerment sessions that will bring your energetic, emotional, and physical body in alignment with the highest vibration of harmony, peace, and wholeness. You will receive clarity and guidance on topics such as:
* Discovery & fulfillment of your life’s purpose
* Power to transform old thought forms into new awareness
* Enhancing relationships of friend, family or partner
* Spiritual reawakening & development of intuitive/psychic gifts or talents
* Interpreting direct transmissions from your higher self & guides
* Inspiration & support to break old habits, energetic ruts, & emotional addictions

“My session with DreamingBear was both powerful and insightful. It was wonderful to connect with my guides, and hear my higher-self messages. I truly felt a wave of fascination and deep peace washed over my body and all that emotional baggage just dropped away. I haven’t stopped smiling since. Thank you DreamingBear for creating a safe environment of unconditional love and understanding.” - Carlisle McMillan, Hawaii

Cost: $100 per hour Hurry, these sessions will fill up. Call 808-205-8117 to schedule your appointment. *Mention this newsletter and receive 10% off.

Become Part of the Lovevolution

We are actively setting our intention for financial angels, people who believe in what the Lovevolution is really all about. So if you believe in education as entertainment, earth centered awareness, eco & peace advocacy, & the merging of scientific & spiritual wisdom by way of heart center awareness then visit to donate resources & become a lovevolutionary today by helping spread the word. The Lovevolution World Tour continues to California in just a few days, & we are asking for any ohana (family) in the areas of N. & S. California who wish to host DeamingBear in their home as a guest, & or to host an event or book private readings contact us now. Contact Carlisle McMillan at to find out how to get involved.

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