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Date: April 23, 2012
Subject: G&G Training Webinar - "Business Expenses"

This is
G&G Associates Tax & Financial Consulting

Training Webinar -- April 24, 2012 (8pm e.s.t)
"Business Expenses"

Imhotep (Wisdom to You) G&G Readers,

G&G Associates Tax & Financial Consulting Services is continuing its monthly free educational training webinars. These seminars are geared to increase our clients and readers tax & financial IQ.

There is a saying..."the more you learn the more you earn, the less you know the more you owe."

On this weeks webinar, I'll be going over the most common business expenses I typically see business owners mess up on when keeping track of their business deductions (Vehicle & Entertainment). I'll be covering the topic while providing excellent resource material to help you increase your tax deductions ... ultimately bringing more money into your business & home.

There are three things that are given in life: You are going to get old, you are going to die and you are going to PAY TAXES. But, there is no reason why you have to pay more taxes than necessary.

Upcoming (FREE) Webinar Classes (monthly):
- Business Expenses (Vehicle, Entertainment, etc) {April}
- Insurance 101 (Life, Health, Long Term Care, etc) {May}
- Life Insurance 101 {June}
- Long Term Care Insurance 101 {July}
- Investment 101 {August}

In order to participate in the webinars, you have to send an e-mail to, and make a request to participate in the webinar. We’ll then send you instructions along with class material to participate in the webinar.

Without a doubt … please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested in increasing their tax & financial IQ.

Visit our website for more information and free online webinar classes to help you make sure you are audit proofing your records, or contact us today to set up an appointment if you need a “TAX” OR “FINANCIAL” one-on-one consultation.

One of the benefits of being a client with G&G Associates is that you'll get a free 30 min pre-tax preparation session to make sure you are gathering your documents appropriately before you submit your documents for tax preparation.

Also, all new clients will get a “FREE” 1 hour Financial Success Strategy Consultation appointment a ($200) value.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!!!

Until the next time!

Ankh Uja Snb (Life, Strength, & Health),

Asar Maa Ra Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
G&G Associates
757-251-3757 office
866-361-3872 toll free fax

"Leave him in the dark that wants to remain in the dark"
Ancient AfRAkan Proverb

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*** [Price Guarantee does not apply to individuals, corporations or partnerships filing refunds pertaining to Revenue Ruling 2009-20/2009-09, ‘Ponzi Schemes’ or VA Amendment CFR 26 § 1.122-1]

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