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Date: November 10, 2012
Subject: Ghana, Africa Investors Trade Visit ... (December 2012)

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Ghana, Africa Investors Trade Visit
(December 2012)

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Ęte Sĕn (What’s Up) G&G Readers,

Back in September, I sent you a report on the Gold & Oil Coast Ghana, Africa. (Click here to read full report).

Well … I just got back last week as I reported, investment capital and opportunities within the country are continuing to loom. So, much we have investors literally from around the world going back to Africa with me next month to see about investing 2011 fastest growing country in the world.

As always, I try and bring real-time investment opportunities do my G&G readers and without a doubt … double digit returns for my G&G Investment Society (GGIS) subscribers.

If you would like to participate in next month’s investors trade trip to Ghana Africa next month, click on the link below for the details and contact me if you have any questions.

Click here for Ghana Africa’s December 2012 Trade Visit briefing:

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How You Can Invest in Ghana and Get Double Digit Returns?

Many investors hear "African gold mining" and think … "risk." But Ghana isn't some banana republic, ruled by some despot and his machine-gun toting thugs in Toyota 4x4s. Ghana is a functioning society with laws and a stable government.

Let’s open our mind folks and not believe all the shigidy or a new acronym I learned this recently (Sugar Honey Ice Tea) we see on CNN and Fox. This democratic country won its independence from Britain in 1957. Ghana became a republic on July 1, 1960.

Ghana’s GDP in 2010 totaled $37.48B, It’s economy grew by 6.4% from 8% in 2010 to 14.4% in 2011. Its economy grew by last year mainly on commodity exports like gold, oil, timber, diamonds, aluminum ore, manganese, pineapples, cashews, rubber, and other crops. It trades those goods with Nigeria, China, U.S., Britain, France, and India.

All that to write … this is a mature, developed democratic society. It's much safer for mining investment than places like Bolivia and Peru. That's why I'm not overly concerned with political risk for my investments. However, its location, in Africa, is a bit daunting for some investors... hence, “OUR” opportunity. Let’s take those peoples ignorance of Africa as an opportunity for us to make a fortune.

My Trip To The “TRAP”

Last week while in Ghana, I took a trip to the Busch or as the locals call it the “Trap.” Basically, I went deep into the woods where a lot of the alluvial gold mining takes place.

First of all, how many financial consultants do you know who would do that? Well, after about a three hour SUV ride on some of the bumpiest roads I’ve ever been on, we made it to one of the Gold mining sites where Quest Resources, Ltd machines were being used to mine the real yellow stuff we call Gold.

All I can say is that it was truly a wonderful experience and a trip I’ll never forget. If you decide to come on our Ghana Trade visit next month, part of the itinerary is to take you out to the “Trap” so you can see the machines at work.

Now … of course while I was there I took plenty of pictures, but most importantly I took videos of the experience. With modern technology these days anything is possible.

What we did was take videos showing investors step-by-step what takes place once the machines get off the boat all the way to actually digging for gold. If you want to see me live in action, please go to the following YouTube link, get some popcorn and enjoy.

Click here for YouTube video Link:

If link doesn’t work, go to YouTube and place “QuestResources01” in the search window.

How to Profit from the
Heavy Duty Leasing & Sales Industry

Quest Resources Ltd. (Quest) is the brainchild of International Businessman and U.S. Attorney Carlton Owens II. Quest was formed in response to the need to expand quality outlets for heavy duty equipment sales and leasing in The Republic of Ghana in 2010. From Carlton’s experience in the local mining industry, over time he discovered that there was a special niche in the market for both sales and leasing of this machinery.

Quest is a limited liability company based in The Republic of Ghana, whose core focus is in the sales and rental of heavy-duty equipment to the government, private and commercial business sectors of the country.

Quest Products and Services

Currently, Quest focus is primarily on importing used Caterpillar Excavators because of the overwhelming high demand for this product. However, Quest products in the future will include a broad range of earth moving machines, such as bulldozers, commercial graders, etc. Quest also sees value in providing more specialized equipment that strictly relates to the robust mining sector that is also present in the country.

Most of the equipment purchased by the company comes from The United States, due to the best available pricing and quality of the machines due its excellent maintenance procedures. The pricing on used excavators, for example in the US, has decreased over time due to the downturn in the American economy.

However, demand for the same equipment is ever increasing in Ghana and due to the shortage of equipment presently in the country; prices and services related to heavy-duty equipment are also increasing over time.

Current and Future Locations

Quest currently operates in one main location strategically placed in the Ashanti Region, Kumasi, Ghana to increase its business and profitability due to the fact that it is central to most of the business activity that require its products and services. Kumasi is the second largest city in Ghana and is located in the resource rich Ashanti Region. This region is home to the majority of current small-scale gold mining operations in Ghana, and has a large portion of land reserved for future small-scale operations. Kumasi is also located in close proximity to the Western Region, which has the most land set aside for future small-scale gold mining in Ghana.

Quest will be expanding its offices to Takoradi and Bibiani (Western Region), which is currently experiencing a development boom and a migration of new mining & oil drilling projects, thus a prime location to take advantage of new business.

Some Key Strengths of the Company:

• Experience of management team

• Quality and reliable equipment

• Quality customer service

• Investment in high valued Assets

• Clients Purchasing products pay in Cash …. (No credit)

• Leasing Clients pay for services ….. in advance

• Preventive maintenance is not a common practice in country … thus, the reason why leasing is a preferred option to most gold miners & developers

How to Invest in Quest Resources, Ltd

As mentioned before, the demand for the equipment is very high and in Ghana, the rental industry works on a different pay plan than most people here in the states are use to. You see … in Ghana, whether you are renting a car, apartment, commercial rental space, etc … you must pay in advance.

Yes … in advance !!!

What this means is that you get paid for your product before the services are rendered. The company typically leases their equipment for 8, 10 or 14 day lease terms with full control of the machines. Full control meaning that they provide the (driver, insurance, fuel and actually implement maintenance procedures and concepts to their fleet).

Now … here in the states, the same machine would rent for $200-300 a day, but in Ghana, it will rent for $800-1100 day with an even higher demand as the price of gold continues to increase as the dollar continues to plummet.

For example, if Quest rents out a machine for a 10 day lease at $1000 a day, they will receive an advance payment for the machine of $10,000. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do the math on this investment. (FYI … average rental days per month are 20-24 days).

Investment Options

Equity or Debt Investment options and Exit Scenarios.

Option #1

Quest will offer two distinct options in taking in an investment. The first option is debt investment. With this option, the investment terms are for a fixed return on investment, and the investor will receive a annual 20% return on investment over for the course of twenty four months, whereby the interest will be paid semiannually and the principal returned at the end of the investment cycle.

Option #2

The second option of doing an equity buy in is also available. Under this structure, the company will issue up to 20% equity share of the company for the exchange of capital investment. Dividends schedule will be determined for future disbursement, but the most likely minimum disbursement will take place at least once a year, but could take place more frequently, depending on growth and performance objectives being met.

If you've been looking to invest out of the $USD, looking to diversify your portfolio and are interested in investing in the fastest growing economy in the world in 2011, here is your chance.

Ghana is projected to grow into a full fletching middle classed economy by the year 2020.

The question is … will you benefit from its growth as well?

Bottom Line (BL): “Investing is much like gambling. But, the difference is that with knowledge in investing you can at least increase your odds of winning.”
J. Carter

If you want more information in how to invest in the project or interested in learning how you can invest in the project through your retirement account, give us a call and we’ll show you how.

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