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Date: November 9, 2012
Subject: VA Disability Claims Briefing

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VA Disability Claims Briefing

Hotep (Peace & Blessings) G&G Readers,

If you are a member about to separate or former member of the uniformed services of the United States, you surely might want to attend this FREE VA Disability Claim Benefits briefing. So many Veterans separate from the military with disabilities that go unclaimed or are not claimed appropriately causing them to not get the appropriate disability rating they deserve.

If you want some expert advice on how to appropriately file your claims if you are about to separate, or need assistance on how appeal a decision you might have received? Place this date on your calendar to attend a briefing on November 17, 2012 at 1100 at G&G Associate’s office in Hampton Roads, VA.

We will have Larry Stokes from LSA Veteran benefit consulting, LLC from Washington, DC in attendance to provide the briefing:

Larry is the president and owner of LSA Veteran benefit consulting, LLC. He is a VA Office of General Counsel Accredited Agent and disability consultant whom holds dual accreditation as both a claims agent and a veteran service officer. Larry is a 20 year retiree from the US Navy as a Chief Hospital Corpsman. He holds both a BS and MS degree from George Washington University and Touro International University respectively.

His most recent achievement was a National Surrogate for President Obama during the past election campaign, and advisor on the Veterans for Obama Policy Team.

Larry has been on several local DC TV and radio stations as a panelist on VA claims and benefits. Larry also provides services as a subject matter expert to several law firms and government agencies regarding veteran’s benefits and the Rating claims process.

The LSA Veteran benefit consulting firm staff consists of former VA rating specialists and decision review officers with over 30 years of combined VA experience. The firm provides consultation, advisement and absolute clarity on VA benefits and entitlements.
Specifically they provide services in medical records review for the identification of chronic conditions. They also review previous VA rating, BVA decisions, and provide representation in all stages of the appeals process. In addition they provide information on other local and state entitlements specifically for disabled veterans and their families.

LSA has offices in the Washington DC and metro area, with a satellite office in Tampa/St Petersburg Fl. New Orleans, LA, Texarkana, TX, Las Vegas, NV. Larry provides services in all 50 States and overseas.

LSA has won over 1 million dollars in retroactive payments for veterans and beneficiaries.

If you’d like to attend the FREE briefing, to see if the knowledge might be of benefit to you, please send an RSVP with the following info below to so that we can make sure we have enough space for those who want attend and so we can send you an invite and reminder about the meeting.

Send RSVP to:
Attendees (#):
E-mail Address:
Cell #:
Home #:

Meeting address:
G&G Associates Office
Regus Building
4411 Kilgore Ave, 3rd Floor
Hampton, VA 23666

Feel free to pass this info along to anyone you think who might be able to benefit from the brief.

Also, see the attached article that was in last month’s Hampton Roads Messenger in regards to VA Benefit claims. Also, see the attached link for VA Disability pay benefits and tax breaks based on your disability rating. Some good to know information for sure.

Hampton Roads messenger article:

VA Benefits and Military Pay Tax Guide:

Ankh Uja Snb (Life, Health, Strength),

Asar Maa Ra Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
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