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Date: August 25, 2011
Subject: Suckers Got sucked with Gold & Now Why I’m Buying Silver

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Suckers Got sucked with Gold & Now Why I’m Buying Silver

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I didn’t think Gold’s retracement would happen this fast, but yesterday it did. I’m not going to tell you I told you so … ok … I am, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you that it was coming and to beware and hold off buying gold if you were itching to do so.

With the rumor of Quantitative Easing (QE) looming around the markets, as expected, a corrective sell-off in gold was due to occur, but what I didn’t expect is for the Midas Metal to drop so fast and as hard as it did.

What we need to ask ourselves now is this: was yesterday’s bloodbath a buying opportunity or the pin that burst the gold bubble?

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