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Date: May 3, 2011
Subject: US Treasury issues financial "death threat"

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US Treasury issues financial "death threat"

Karibu (Welcome) G&G Readers,

Have you ever spotted a 1964 quarter in your spare change? Odds are slim to none. If you’re a student of history, you know why. These coins were hoarded out of existence... years ago... for their silver content.

And that’s why beat-up quarters - dated 1964 or earlier - sell for $5 or $6 apiece on eBay. But now, the lowly penny and nickel are following suit.

Most people don’t know this - but it’s ILLEGAL to carry more than $5 in pennies or nickels out of the country. The U.S. Mint says, “We don’t want to see [these coins] melted down so a few individuals can take advantage of the American taxpayer.”

What’s going on here?

Well thanks to the surging price of nickel... copper... and zinc, the government is terrified. If they allow these coins to freely move about - they could disappear overnight. In short, anyone with half-a-brain would melt them down - and double their money.

So to put a stop to this, the government has slapped a $10,000 fine or five year jail sentence on anyone caught wit more than $5 in coins heading out of the country.


The Government will throw you in jail if you so much as try to make a $5 profit melting down pennies and nickels.

If that’s not a sign of desperation... and that the end of the dollar is near... I don’t know what is! It’s literally a financial death-threat from the Treasury.

And that’s why it’s critical that you take the right steps to diversify your wealth out of the greenback and into foreign currencies. (Which thankfully, is much easier than hoarding millions of pennies.)

Of course, the major U.S. banks are useless lapdogs of the government. So they have no interest or ability to help you make this move. Which means you have to stop being a ‘sucker’ and getting taken for your hard earned money.

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The Fed’s money-printing will only intensify from here.

But while the dollar continues slide and melt away like ice cream in the summer in AZ - and savers choke on 0% interest rates... other central banks are paying investors much higher yields to hold their currencies.

So how do you lock in a higher rate - without risking your skin? You got it…Become a GGIS member and I’ll show you how. Here’s a freebie for you:

First, you need to look for economies that are:

1.) Growing rapidly
2.) Rich in commodities
3.) Or attempting to attract capital with higher rates of interest.

Here are five must-own currencies, and this doesn’t even include the appreciation these currencies will return and the USD continues to slump against these money makers:

 Norwegian krone (2%)
 Australian dollar (4.75%)
 Chinese yuan (6.06%)
 Canadian dollar (1%)

And if you really want to speculate... the Brazilian real (12%).

Is there any risk to investing in foreign currencies? Of course. Any currency can rise and fall against the dollar. But as history tells us…it’s far more risky to keep ALL of your cash tied up in your home country.

Make a choice to today to exercise the option to protect your wealth or let it siphon off like a leaking bathroom faucet. You can start to learn how to insulate your financial portfolio “if” you just open your eyes and see the writing on the wall.

If you need a one-on-one consultation to learn how to implement these investments or any other on the GGIS portfolio, feel free to contact me to setup an appointment.

Until the next time!

Metta (Wishing You the Best)

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