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Date: September 15, 2010
Subject: Tax Deadline Approaching – 30 Days to Go!

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Tax Deadline Approaching – 30 Days to Go!

Imhotep (Wisdom To You) G&G Readers,

Don't Delay — File by Oct. 15, 2010

Guess what time it is? Almost tax deadline time for the 2009 Tax Season...No More extensions are available! If you still haven't filed your taxes, please contact us so we can get yours done ASAP!

Remember, the extension was only good to delay you filing your taxes, it did not give you an extension if you owe taxes. If you owe taxes and haven't filed your tax return (even if you have an extension), you will still owe interest and penalties.

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Until the next time!

Asante Sana (Thanks)

Gary Gray
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