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Date: December 8, 2010
Subject: Why You Need to Be Long (Buy) Gold & Silver ASAP!

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Why You Need to Be Long (Buy) Gold & Silver ASAP!

Alafia (Peace & Blessings) G&G Readers,

"Gold has no use," an idiot guest on the morning “Squawk Box” told viewers last week when I turned on the show to see how the price of Gold & Silver did in the overnight European session. The speaker said…"Our firm doesn't recommend gold. It has no industrial use. We can't value it."

I laughed to myself and said you are a freakin idiot…#$%^&*

While this asset manager talked about how useless gold is, I thought, My GGIS readers haven't worried about gold's industrial uses… They've simply pocketed hundreds of percent profits.

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I've been telling my GGIS readers to buy gold & Silver since 2007. I've gotten them into gold & silver coins and gold & silver stocks – including my biggest winner, Silver Wheaton (SLW – 1022%).

This asset manager probably told his customers "gold has no industrial use" for a decade. He probably told them to buy and hold stocks instead. In that decade, gold has soared from $700 an ounce to $1,430 and silver from $12 to $32 spot price. Meanwhile, stocks have lost money.

There was one other guest speaker there… He was from a mainstream bank. And he agreed with the other guy. He added, "Our firm recommends you have up to 8% of your financial assets in alternative assets, including hedge funds and commodities."

Then this speaker proudly explained how he talks his customers out of gold…

"Whenever a customer expresses an interest in gold, we try to figure out why… Because there are much better things you can own in every case. If they're afraid of inflation, for example, I show them that stocks do better than gold in inflation."

I wanted to reach through the TEL-A-LIE-VISION and choke the shigidy out of this guy.
If these guys have had their heads buried this far in the sand for 10 years, this is scary for their clients.

Look, I know the bear case for gold and silver. I know they don’t pay dividends or grow like a company. I know it doesn't pay interest like a government bond. I know it's not useful for industry. And I know it's more cumbersome than a debit card when you just want to buy a gallon of milk. I know it's not a true inflation hedge. I know, I know, I know.
But one more thing became clear to me after hearing these "mainstream" asset managers…
Gold and silver are still "fringe" assets. Clearly, it makes bankers cringe. Not only do they not recommend it, they talk their customers out of it.

I didn't realize mainstream bankers and asset managers still had such a distaste for gold. To me, this means gold and silver still has plenty of room to run.

Gold and silver can certainly have a severe correction from here. But "big money" investors (and governments like China and India) now view gold as another form of currency – a store of value. That means the sky is the limit for the price of gold and it’s step brother silver!

Is the price of gold at "nosebleed" heights? Yes, based on history. But if gold is now being thought of as the new alternative currency, it could still go much higher. And as long as mainstream bankers hold it with such disdain, it can keep going up.

Don't sell your gold and silver at these prices… The mainstream still doesn't own gold. Astoundingly, it's still not "popular" yet.

So sit tight… Corrections will surely happen. While the price of gold might seem high today, there are higher highs ahead.

If you need a one-on-one consultation, feel free to contact me to setup an appointment.

Until the next time,


You are most likely aware that gold prices have been higher each of the last nine calendar years and have averaged about 15% annually. And, in this tenth year, The Wall street Journal reports that gold is now up 22%. This confuses most of the public, political scientists, scholars and journalists.

However, a true economist, using fundamental macro-economic monetary principals, can easily understand what has happened and what is in store. Seriously, is the astronomical growth in the monetary base of U.S. dollars, in which gold is denominated, any secret? A highly acclaimed book that is perceived as an ''easy-read'' for those who want to gain insights into this issue is titled AFTERSHOCK. It can be found on Amazon for about $15 at the following link:

On, a reader from Houston said this about the book: ''I find this to be the most complete and comprehensive analysis of America's ongoing economic problems that I have thus far encountered. In addition: the reasoned deductions which the authors draw from their analyses are far ranging and logical; and, for the most part, the conclusions which they reach are well justified and difficult to dispute. So, if you are looking for a book that will give you some valuable insight into what is happening to the U.S. economy today, and why; which explains how the ultimate collapse of that economy and the U.S. dollar will take place; and which forecasts what the United States and the world at large will be like following that calamity, then this is certainly a book which you should read.''

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Ankh Uja Snb (Life, Health, Strength),

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"Any fool can make something complex, but it takes a genius to make something simple"
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