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Date: November 19, 2010
Subject: Why You Need a Business ASAP!

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G&G Associates Tax & Financial Consulting

Why You Need a Business ASAP!

Alafia (Peace & Blessings) G&G Readers,

I’ve been saying it for years now, if you don’t have a business (1) you are not a smart investor and (2) you are giving away money you can legally keep. Let’s test these two theories.

First, is having your own business smart investing … well let’s see? Are you a person that does what everybody else is doing or are you one who likes to travel the road less traveled? Let’s just find out.

Which one are you? Do you invest in your company’s retirement plan whether it’s a (401K, ESOP, SEP, TSP) with intentions of investing and getting 8-10% a year and over a 20-30 year span having enough money in your account to retire when you reach that magical retirement age?

Or, are you a smart savvy investor? And, when I say smart and savvy investor I mean one who uses the law to their advantage. What law am I talking about? I’m talking about having your own business and in this case a home-based business (HBB).

Well…let’s do the math. Let’s say you invest $15,000 a year in your 401K plan. If you were lucky to get a 10% rate of return (ror) on your money you would have made a whopping $1,500 at the end of the year. Again, this was $15K dollars of your money to make $1,500 at the end of the year.

Now, let’s say you have a HBB in which you could start in the range from $100-400. Let’s say you have $10,000 in business expenses from expenses you already incur that you currently can’t deduct because you have no business. (i.e. cell phone, home phone, internet access, entertainment, hiring your children in your business, etc.). You see when you have a business you have access to over 422 tax deductions, without a business you have access to about 7-20 beneficial tax deductions.

Again, let’s do the math. Let’s say you are in the 30% tax bracket (25% Federal; 5% State). You have $10,000 in business deductions which saves you $3000 on your taxes and I’m not even including what you made in your business. So, in essence you make 30% ror on your investment and guess what…the investment is in you.

To make it simple look at it this way, for every dollar you deduct 30 cents goes into your pocket, for every dollar you don’t deduct 30 cents goes into Uncle Sam’s pocket. Whose pocket do you want your money to go in?

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With the falling dollar and the explosion in gold, silver, oil and other natural resource prices, you need to stay on top of your game and manage your “OWN Finances.”

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So, I ask you which person are you? The one following the crowd or are you the one going down the road less traveled? If you are following the crowd, you can get off the beaten path and turn in another direction. How can you do this…well get you a HBB and get you one today!

If you don’t already have a business or want a business to pick up extra deductions I have a great business for you in the Travel industry. If you like to travel or know someone who likes to travel well this would be the perfect business for you. The good thing about it is that you can start the business for only $99.00 but only until Nov 24, 2010 when the price to start the business will increase.

Travel like the Pro's do on Wholesale Rates and write it off on your Taxes…what a deal and great INVESTMENT?

You could go to your own personal travel website or send your friends/family to your website and they book travel and you get paid a commission?

You can sign up to become a travel agent for just $99 up until Nov 24, 2010 then the price increases.

The $99.90 includes a customized website and your First class online training to get your International Air Transportation Association (IATA) travel credentials which will allow you access to personally travel Wholesale vs. Retail. The training alone normally cost $199.

You will receive your Credential Travel Agent Card for your personal use after you take the online test. It’s that simple…

Starting the second month, it will only cost $49.95 per month to maintain your License and Business…which again is tax deductible.

If interested, Contact me as soon as possible so you don’t miss deadline and this wonderful opportunity to be a smart and savvy investor.

Until the next time,

Ankh Uja Snb (Life, Health, Strength),

Asar Gary Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
G&G Associates
757-251-0174 office
866-361-3872 toll free fax

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"Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open."
C. Brown

P.S. If you're not a GGIS Paid Subscriber reader yet, it's not a bad way to start the year. The recent dollar rally has actually given everyone some new opportunities to invest on the cheap. And currently, our GGIS portfolio is packed with great plays to kick-start your "anti-dollar" portfolio for 2010.

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