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Date: January 14, 2010
Subject: Could 2010 Be the Start of the End for the Dollar?

This is
G&G Associates Tax & Financial Consulting

Imhotep (Wisdom To You) G&G Readers,

I’m still trying to get my body adjusted after my trip to Afrika, I can’t seem to stay awake past 8pm, but I’m up at 2am every morning now. I sincerely hope you're New Year has started with a bang because 2010 will be a big year in the Financial arena.

As I predicted to my newsletter readers several years ago, the fall that was lingering with Lehman Brothers, the eventual bank stocks debacle, the rise in Precious Metals (Gold & Silver) and the warning I gave to make adjustments to your 401K, TSP and other retirement accounts because of the crash forthcoming in the US. The perfect storm is brewing again and 2010 will surely provide a bang or boom for folks…it all depends on what side of the gun you are on. But, one thing for sure is that the guns will be a blazing.

That's why this year G&G Associates is all about making sure you stay informed with the Truth with no media or government spin to make sure you are protecting what you’ve worked hard to obtain.

(And unlike the Weather Man who's right maybe five times out of 10, our past forecasts have proved VERY profitable to you dear readers especially those members who are a part of our G&G Investment Society (GGIS) paid newsletter service. You can tell from our GGIS portfolio (See attached FREE Look from this month’s issue - which is now showing 12 winners out of 16 open positions.)

GGIS Portfolio Update (Jan ’10):

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But that's exactly why we're giving you the advance warning you need so you can protect your portfolio NOW before it's too late...

Become a GGIS subscriber now and you’ll be sure that I’ll make sure you stay on top of your Tax and Financial Future to make sure your BUSINESS … AT HOME is protected. Remember…most people look after their bosses business, but fail to look after their own Business At home.


Take advantage of our 2010 discount offer if you are not yet a member of the GGIS paid newsletter service and you’ll be on your way to knowing how to protect your least what’s left of it. I’ll keep you informed on the “REAL DEAL” in our economy so you can protect your wealth. So....Sign up today!!!

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A Quick Glance into Our Future...

While those media clowns are feeding you lines about how the U.S. is "recovering" and how "we're losing fewer jobs than last month," the reality is much harsher.

After all, we're still facing double-digit unemployment (and if you ask me the numbers should be much higher if they calculated them correctly). We're still seeing deflation pop up in U.S. real estate and retail markets.

Not to mention, the U.S. still has debt coming out of our ears. Forbes just estimated that if you add up all U.S. debt - I'm talking about everything including federal, state, local and GSEs - then our total public debt tab would be an incredible 141% of GDP! WOW, right?

Mark my words folks. All these forces will continue to drag down the dollar's value long-term. You can get more details on what's coming for the dollar in both the short and long-term in future newsletters.

Be on the lookout for:

* Dollar History in the Making: I’ll tell you why 2010 will spark another dollar avalanche, and send one choice commodity soaring higher. I’ll also tell you two currency plays ready and waiting for you to play this new dollar downtrend as key central banks continue to clean up their economies in 2010.

* GGIS Quick-List of Best Buys to Jumpstart 2010: Everyone needs to start somewhere. And with our quick list of best buys for this year, you can start accumulating the positions now that will protect your portfolio long-term.

* Why we’re still in a Bear Market Rally: And what we can expect from both the stock and Treasury markets this year if this stock mania continues.

And I'll be telling you about a nightmare scenario for the U.S. that could very well become a reality in 2010. I'll give you one hint. It all goes back to the massive Treasury Bubble that sparked the fall in 2008 that I see affecting every facet of your wealth later this decade...!

If you missed a past G&G article, click on the link below to visit G&G Associates archive:

Until the next time!

Asante Sana (Thanks)

Gary Gray
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"He that circumscribes your circumference determines the diameter of your thinking."
Ashra Kwesi

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