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Date: March 25, 2010
Subject: President’s Private Sector Survey...MUST READ!

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G&G Associates Tax & Financial Consulting

President’s Private Sector Survey

Hotep G&G Readers,

PLEASE READ CLOSELY…if this isn’t a reason to get your money out of USD based investments you are blind and really don’t care to want to see straight. The first Grace Commission Report was done during the Reagan presidency. Now after reading the report let me know how far off or should I say how on the money the report turned out to be and predict the current deficit we are facing and it’s only getting worse.

The first 2/3 of the income tax is either wasted or lost. Of the remaining 1/3, every dime of IRS income tax goes to private lenders for interest only on the exponentially escalating national debt. This fact was revealed by the Grace Commission (PPSS) in the Reagan Administration. Not one dime goes to reduce the national debt or run our government. Therefore, Congress must borrow more to pay for its ways to help the people by helping them out of their money. Congress does this by borrowing from the unconstitutional Fed, raising taxes to pay the debt to the owners of the Fed, and raiding the Social Security Fund, which is now missing $4 trillion. Clinton took $10 billion from the Social Security Fund. That could have given the retired people a nice raise. Those people did not pay into Social Security all their lives to enable Clinton to bomb Kosovo, or to raise the national debt by letting Congress cook the books.

Common sense reveals that the national debt continues to increase, since nothing goes to reduce it. Watch your dollar very closely…you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

To read the report, click on the following link:

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