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Date: March 30, 2010
Subject: **URGENT**Uncle Sam Wants Your Retirement Plan!

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Uncle Sam Wants Your Retirement Plan!

Hotep G&G Readers,

As an avid Tax & Financial researcher, over the years I’ve watched as those Wall Street guys vie for our retirement plans for years. Like snake-oil salesman on crack, they peddled their wares on unsuspecting, hard-working Americans. Naturally they wanted their clients to buy the investments that would hand them the most fees.

So these smooth talkers pushed the most boring U.S. blue-chips, the “safest” (read: lowest yielding) bonds, and recommended the “tried and true” mutual funds that had seen their heyday years prior for all retirement plans. (Not even currencies or commodities were on the menu.) It was textbook rear-view mirror investing.

For the most part they got away with it – that is until the credit market crashed in 2008, and everyone learned how fickle those stocks and mutual funds were.

Yes, it was disgusting…depressing for some…to watch.

But as annoying as this Wall Street pandering was, it’s nothing compared to what Washington is trying to do to your retirement plans right now. (READ the URGENT RETIREMENT REPORT…IMMEDIATELY)

In short, they want to govern your retirement plans with the same arrogance and stupidity that made us the world’s biggest financial deadbeats in the first place. More on that in a moment. First let me set the scene for you…

Uncle Sam Needs Another Sugar Momma

The guys in Washington are getting desperate.

For years, our government has relied on the major Asian players like China and Japan to finance our debt. I’m sure you’ve heard this story. We bought their stuff, and they bought our Treasuries and other U.S. paper.

This system worked out great for us.

We spent like teenagers with our Daddy’s credit card, and then foreign investors essentially picked up the bill. All we had to do was offer them to pay them back at some later date (and honestly, with the world’s reserve currency – we could afford to print whatever we owe them in the future).

But some funny things happened as politicians wallowed in their own brilliance for arranging this deal...

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First, we quickly became the biggest financial losers on earth.

As of last week, our debt stands at $12.5 trillion. It’s estimated our country-wide debt will climb to $14 trillion by the end of this year. So complacency happened – we became used to the idea of being in debt.

Then, 2008 happened. Subprime happened. The credit crunch happened. Worldwide recession happened. And now trillions of dollars in bailouts later...

Suddenly the U.S. issues Treasuries like crazy to pay for all that debt. Many of my colleagues are calling this massive Treasury issuance the biggest financial bubble of all time – very close to popping.

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