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Date: October 14, 2009
Subject: Buy Gold & Silver...Strong Buying Signals!

Hotep All,

I was going through my archive of e-mails wondering did I give enough warning and recommendations to my readers on the demise of the dollar and the pending boom in Gold and Silver. Well, as I clicked through the list of many articles I believe I did my part to give notice to those who took the time to read. On September 11, 2008 it was a turning point in the market, Gold was at $740 and Lehman Brothers was on the brink of going bankrupt. I saw what was in store and warned folks to get out of the stock market, and recommending to load up on Gold and Silver.

Click on Link: (see Article from Sep 11, 2008)
Also: see articles "Epiphany in Gold pt 1/2" from Oct 1/2, 2008

Well...let's fast forward to Oct 2009; yes, I am going to tell you I told you so. Gold has hit and all-time high $1072 this week. Had you purchased Gold and Silver when I recommended it last September, your investment would be up right now a whopping 44.86% (Gold) and 48.33% for (Silver). Yes...I'm a say it again...I TOLD YOU SO!!! But, you still are not too late, but STOP procrastinating and start buying Gold and Silver REAL MONEY.

Longer Term Fundamentals For Gold Are Very Bullish, Too

Besides the technical buying signals, I want to repeat the major fundamental arguments for owning gold:
• As a consequence of the current financial and economic crisis, government debt is going through the roof — not just in the U.S., but all over the world.

• Worldwide central banks are printing money like there is no tomorrow.

• Gold demand is rising due to wealth creation in emerging economies where gold still plays a large role as a store of value.

• Gold demand is even rising in the West as more investors doubt the wisdom of central banks and governments.

• Gold supply is stagnating or even slightly shrinking — despite the metal's price rise since 2001. This is because it's getting ever more difficult and expensive to get gold out of the earth.

• Finally, central bankers who were eager to sell government gold at much lower prices a few years ago, are getting increasingly reluctant to keep doing so. Emerging market central banks are even buying.

So, what are you waiting on? The Dollar isn’t going to get any better, but surely your portfolio can if you take my advice. For more details on how you can purchase American Eagle Gold & Silver Eagle coins at 25-35% discount off the US Mints website, click on the following link and get started ASAP: or give me call and I'll show you how to save even thousands more.

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