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Date: March 3, 2009
Subject: AIG loses $61.7 billion! Huge bear market profits ahead!

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Dear G&G Newsreaders,

If you're waiting for this bear market to end any time soon,
please do NOT hold your breath ...

Yesterday, Washington announced that AIG, our nation's largest
insurer, lost a staggering $61.7 billion in the last three months
of 2008 ...

That's the single largest loss ever suffered by a U.S.
corporation, larger than the record losses at Bank of America and
Citigroup COMBINED!

Worse: To keep AIG from going belly-up, Washington is giving the
company another $30 billion, bringing the total bailout for this
one company to a staggering $180 billion.

That's equivalent to nearly HALF the U.S. government's entire
budget deficit for all of 2008!

Worse still: The company's stock, which sold for nearly $50 per
share last May is now only 49 cents. Any investor who bought
$10,000 of AIG stock eight short months ago now as a meager $98
left. The rest -- a whopping $9,902 -- is gone with the wind.

You have to wonder:

If this is what happens to companies that are seized and
operated by Washington bureaucrats, what's going to happen to
Citigroup now that those same people have controlling interest?

What's going to happen to Bank of America? To GM? To Ford? To
all the other stocks getting money from Washington?

And what's going to happen to the millions of investors
stubbornly sticking with bull market buy-and-hold strategies --
who are still hanging on to these doomed stocks -- as this
crisis continues to intensify?

More importantly, it makes one wonder ...


Take Warren Buffet, for example. The Wizard of Omaha's Berkshire
Hathaway just put in its worst year ever. Its shares have plunged
48% in value.

To his credit, in the letter Mr. Buffet sent to investors over the
weekend, he freely admits that "dumb investments" have cost his
company about $7.5 billion so far.

But has Buffett learned his lesson? Apparently not!

Although his letter admits that "the economy will be in shambles
throughout 2009, and, for that matter, probably well beyond,"
Buffet continues by saying, "But that conclusion does not tell us
whether the stock market will rise or fall."

Is this his rationale for continuing to own billions in companies
that are almost certain to get hammered by "an economy in

Won't the "economy in shambles" also devastate his holdings in
retailers, furniture and jewelry stores, real estate firms and so
many others?

My view: Buy-and-hold investing is risky enough when you have a
reasonable assurance that the economy will be stable. But in an
economy that's admittedly broken -- and in a stock market that's
been falling or six straight months -- it's utterly insane!


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