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Date: February 18, 2009
Subject: FINAL CRASH WARNING: Time to Act Now!

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> Financial stocks give up 100% of their gains since 1992!
> Transports, oils breaking down!
> Target of Dow 5,500 is next!
> Result: Your inverse ETFs are soaring!

Dear GGIS Subscriber,

All the forces I’ve warned you about this for months — and the perferct storm is converging right here and now.

The stocks of America’s largest banks are melting down!

The KBW Bank Index, which tracks the performance of the biggest and most powerful financial institutions has just plunged to 23.80, its lowest level since November 1992!

In other words, investors have now lost EVERY penny they’ve earned in the sector in more than 16 years. Citigroup (C) is trading for $3 and change, down 94% from its high. Bank of America (BAC) is going for about five bucks, compared with $55 in the heady days of 2006. JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Wells Fargo (WFC), Capital One Financial (COF), HSBC and others are all falling sharply.

Meanwhile bank failures are ramping up fast. We’ve ALREADY seen 13 failures so far in 2009, including four this past Friday alone. I'm expecting hundreds more in the months ahead.

The Dow Jones Transportation Average just crashed through its November low! The key index traded as low as 2,773 yesterday, almost 140 points below the bottom from this past fall.

This is critical. Transportation companies are the circulatory system of the U.S. economy, moving goods by land, sea, and air. If their share prices are crashing, you can bet the underlying economy is grinding down swiftly.

The weakness in transports is also confirmed by plunging oil prices, and other key commodities, which are starting to roll over again. The only exception: Precious metals like "GOLD", as a write this article is sitting at $969.00 an ounce, rallying as investors flee government bonds and other paper investments in search of a safe haven.

The Dow Industrials are now within a whisker of setting fresh cycle lows. Next: The Dow will take out its bear market bottom from 2002 at 7,197. Then it’ll drop to our intermediate-term target of 5,500. And with the economy tanking, the stimulus package flopping, and the government’s new bank bailout sucking wind, there is no guarantee 5,500 will be the Dow’s final stop.

Bottom line: The bear is rampaging on Wall Street, making mincemeat of investor's portfolios. Meanwhile, if you have followed my instructions, you should be turning this big decline into an equally big wealth-building opportunity:

> If you were a G&G Investment Society (GGIS) subscriber, you would be holding this ETF (???), which I recommended in September 2008 when it was trading around $60.61. This inverse ETF, which rises in value when the Dow Industrials falls, has since surged 29.4%.

> You would also be holding and ETC (???), which I recommended a month later. Open gains to date: 27.3% and counting!

> If you have been buying GOLD and Silver as I have been recommending you should for the past year now you would be up easily over 30% right now in position to take even more gains once Gold burst through $1000 an ounce.

It goes without saying that your precise gains will vary, depending on when you bought these investments, and what brokerage commissions you paid. But I'm clearly on the right track here, and I believe it’s only a matter of time before you’re harvesting juicy gains.

Finally, if you have NOT YET followed my recommendations, you have no time to lose!

Remember: Bank stocks are crashing. Transports are violating key technical support. Commodities are starting to roll back over. And the Dow is about to launch a fresh down leg that should carry all the way to 5,500. If this isn’t a time to own inverse ETFs, Gold, Silver & hold your cash in "US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS" I don’t know what is!

Become a member of GGIS newsletter service — and you wil find out the names of those the ETFs listed above — and then just sit back and reap the benefits of your investment. Also, continue buying Gold and Silver Eagles and get your cash out of the banks and convert them to US (emphasis here) US Postal Money orders. Whatever you do... don’t delay. This is the time to act assertively and do so promptly.


If you are not yet a member of the GGIS paid newsletter service...Become an exclusive member of the G&G Investment Society subscription for USD ($99). I’ll give you those ETF picks along with much more, in addition keep you informed on the “REAL DEAL” in our economy. So, If you want to protect and grow your wealth...Sign up today!!!

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For those of you who have their money tied up in your company's 401K, Thrift Savings Plans (TSP) for those government employees: whatever you do, "DON'T" put any more money into those accounts. It just doesn't make any since to keep throwing your hard earned money down the drain. Keep that money and start getting those investments I mentioned above.

For those who say, but I get a tax break or my employer is matching what I put in to my retirement? Well, to reference the employer matching excuse, what's 6% of 0? You got that right...0. And for the tax breaks, 'please' I could easily show you how to save that same amount of money or more by getting your self a business and taking advantage of the 422 tax deductions allotted for business owners.

For more details on how to keep 30-45% of your paycheck, listen to the audio on my website titled "Job vs. Business" and you can instantly turn around your financial situation.


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"What we learn from history is that people don't learn from history."
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