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Date: January 29, 2009
Subject: 422 Tax Deductions Updates for 2008

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422 Tax Deductions Updates for 2008

Dear G&G Reader,

If you don’t already own the book “422 Tax Deductions” and you have a business you are possibly losing out on thousands of dollars in Tax Deductions. In times now where every dollar counts, it doesn’t make sense to lose this kind of money instead of giving it to Uncle Sam.

Remember, for every dollar you deduct that could be 30-45% back to you. Ex: If you are in the Fed – 25%; State – 5% tax bracket, for every dollar you deduct on your tax return that would be .30 cents back to you. So, $10,000 in legitimate tax deductions and that’s $3000 back to you.

So, you can get a refund of $3000 at the end of the year or adjust your W-4 and get the money back monthly on your paycheck increasing your check in this example by $250 a month. Most people don’t get this much increase on their pay when they get promoted (after taxes).

So, you do the math…I’m sure you didn’t get a 30% ror on your 401K. But, in your business you could be saving or gaining, depends on how you view it, easily by improving your tax and financial knowledge. Clients always tell me they want to get more financially savvy; well you have to first start by getting smarter on not paying more taxes than necessary.

If you want to learn how to properly adjust your W-4, go to G&G Associate’s website, click on the audio archive, and listen to the step-by-step instructional class on how to adjust your W-4 the correct way. Quote: “the more you learn the more you earn, the less you know the more you owe.”

Remember, when you invest in someone else’s business you are investing in their economy, but when you invest in your business then you invest in your economy. With the current economy when in the last 30 days more than 100,000 people have lost their jobs in the U.S. it’s important that you become self sufficient. No job is secure, so watch your back or better yet your “ECONOMY” because no one else is…trust me.

If you already own the book “422 Tax Deductions,” you can click on the link below to get the updates for 2008.


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