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Date: December 21, 2008
Subject: Why Aren't You Buying Gold & Silver

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Abolish the federal reserve

Dear G&G Reader,

Please stop driving your finances around like a deer in headlights. Wake up and see the truth. Why do you still have the bulk of your money in the bank? Why are you not buying Gold & Silver (Our true Constitutional currency)? Why are you watching your investment accounts go South when you can be doing something about it?

All I can say is it can't be because you are uninformed because I've been giving passing you the real deal for almost a year now. All I can say is wake up and get to moving. If you don't believe me see the following link for more of the same about what I've been warning you about for the past two years.

Jim Rogers has made billions over the years betting on the direction of various national economies. Jim Rogers says, it's going nowhere until the Federal Reserve is abolished.

He's taken all his money out of the US.

He explains why.

Here's why:

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I urge you to have a look and make the decision for yourself. A few
minutes of your day today could save you from the lifetime of headaches
and worry that these lies bring to your doorstep.

Gary Gray
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"What we learn from history is that people don't learn from history."
Warren Buffet

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