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Date: May 1, 2009
Subject: The World's Richest Market -- FOREX anyone!

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Imagine a single bet - 1/6th the size of the entire U.S. economy - a bet that's being wagered by thousands of people in dozens of countries. Creeping through the financial system, it secretly funds assets around the globe: from housing
to stocks from bonds to gold. This bet knows no boundaries. And its backers - from American hedge funds to Japanese housewives from private equity firms to big investment banks - have piled on in record numbers.

They've created a bubble 30 times bigger than the credit crunch that saw the Dow drop by more than 30% over the past year - and when it pops, unprepared investors will see their net worth sawed in half. But here's the good news - it's a double-edged sword.

A select group of investors will watch their holdings soar, thanks to Ben Bernanke and the Bank of Japan. In a moment, I'll show you exactly why this international secret has been kept hush-hush – and how you can capitalize on it.

But first, let me tell you about the single most disturbing development that's wreaking havoc on the global financial system today. In fact, it's one of the major reasons behind the subprime mortgage meltdown, though few know it. And the worst is yet to come.

“Stoozing on Steroids”

It's called "stoozing." You may have heard about it on the financial news shows.
For small-timers, it's a simple way to earn a few grand. But in the hands of Wall Street's finest, it's a loaded weapon. Stoozing:
 Apply for a 0% credit card
 Borrow $20,000
 Invest the money in a CD...or stocks
 Sell the investment before 0% rate expires
 Pay back the $20,000
 Keep the profit
Banks, hedge funds and wealthy individuals have been doing this for YEARS. Only, they don't call on Visa for credit or limit their bets to 5-figures. No - they make far bigger bets leveraging 7-figure stakes into billion dollar bankrolls.
You can probably guess what comes next. Do they put it under their pillows or stash it in the back-yard?

No…that money has to be put to work. So they invest it in stocks, bonds, real
Estate, “GOLD” - anything that might go up in value. All that money creates an artificial "wealth effect." As portfolios and home equity increase - everyone holding these assets feels richer. But it's a hollow sort of wealth. It may
take years to build - but it can vanish overnight.

Not surprisingly, this massive, hidden source of easy credit has played a significant role in every recent major market bubble - and resulting crash.

The Biggest Pool of “Free Money” Most Have Never Heard About

Let's spin the globe together - a full 180 degrees. Our finger lands squarely on an island in the Pacific Ocean. This far-off land is the site of the world's largest "money factory." I call it the private money factory of the rich and famous - because it is just that! The wealthiest individuals in the world go there to secure loans that you or I would kill for.

This mysterious source of cheap loans is The Bank of Japan. They move money so fast, it's a wonder it doesn't catch fire!

Allow me to explain...

The Bank of Japan has kept their interest rates far below 1% for years. It's practically FREE money!

So hungry…hedge funds and greedy bankers have swamped Tokyo. They borrow millions even billions of dollars worth of Japanese yen - at 0% to 0.5% - then plow that massive wave of money into anything that moves: stocks, Euros, Bonds, real estate, Gold, etc.

Anything that might throw off a higher yield than 1% is fair game. And as they chase higher yields, they force prices up – WAY up to unreasonable heights. In that regard, they've been a major force behind the stock and property bubbles of the last 34 years. Anyone who owns these "bubble assets" rides along with
them to massive gains. But when the speculative frenzy goes too far - everyone feels the pain, as asset prices comes tumbling down.

This little shell game has a name - it's called a carry trade. It's like "stoozing" on steroids - with huge potential rewards but equally massive risk. This might be news to you - but it’s not new to the top dogs on Wall Street. It's made some in their ranks very rich, indeed.

The World’s Richest Market That Wall Street Won’t Tell You About

Have you ever felt like Wall Street's elite don't play by the same rules? Every month, they amass more and more wealth - no matter which way the market goes. How can it be?

You see, big banks and major players on the Street have a secret weapon: direct lines into every major corporate boardroom. They know how most "games" are going to end before the players even take the field. Now, I'm not saying the market is 100% rigged. But it sure as heck isn't a level playing field.

To paraphrase George Orwell, some investors are a lot more equal than others.
What do they do with all that cash... and those 10 million dollar bonuses?
Sure, some of it goes back into stocks, bonds, hedge funds - the usual stuff. And, of course, a good wad of it flows to Mercedes...Armani...and Cunard Cruise Lines. But a whole mess of it makes a beeline for an even larger market. One that exceeds EVERY stock market...combined! Yet not 1 in 10 investors has heard of it.

I learned their secret by learning how the wealthy make their money, not by what is told on the Tell-A-Vision. I learned how money flows around the globe. What I discovered was fascinating a level playing field. The type of market where those who do their homework can actually win and win big. Where 10% a day gain is almost automatic.

At first it seemed too good to be true - but as you're about to find out, it's real - and with the right financial education it is available to you.

The Hidden Money Factory of the Rich and Famous

How could a market - 40-times bigger than the New York Stock Exchange - be "hidden" from the general public? Simple it was roped off. Only millionaires, hedge funds, and bankers were allowed inside. Over the past 34 years, these elite traders built a wealth-making machine. And today, it's the envy of the world.

It trades 24 hours a day with zero commissions and zero fees. Spreads are razor thin far less than most discount stockbroker commissions and the minimum account isn't $1 million or $100,000 or even $10,000! You can start with as little as $300.

They call it the Currency Spot FOREX Market.

If you've never heard of it, you're not alone. Yet it's the most simple, powerful market in the world. Here's how it works:

Currencies trade in pairs. So a bet on one - is a bet against another. If you like the Japanese yen versus the U.S. dollar, and the yen rises 6.2%, that appreciation is all yours - a 6.2% return on your liquid cash without owning a stock or bond. But there are ways you can do even better much better!

Savvy traders - like major banks and hedge funds (is this what happens to your money sitting in that savings account or CD…hmm)…typically use conservative leverage of 10 to 1 on a trade like this. That means they'll use $1 of their own money and borrow $9. So they control a total of $10.

In this case, it means the chance for 62% yields!

How? Well, if you "borrow" dollars and buy ten times as many yen, and the yen appreciates just 6.2%, that's a profit of 62%.

It's like beating the super-rich at their own game. And you've learned about this "game" at just the right time. I’m exposing those who are interested in advancing their financial knowledge and who want to be in control of their own destiny. I’ve been trading this market for almost 1 ½ years now and I’ve had the privilege of being able to consistently obtain triple digit returns.

It saddens me to watch people lose their money only because of a sheer lack of knowledge. You have the opportunity to get the same returns and not just beat the rich at their own game, but also play right along. You don’t have to be on the tail end of the credit game borrowing at loan shark rates, but instead bring enough money in your home where you don’t even have to borrow a single penny from those crooks or should I say Bankers on Wall Street.

Now, I know this information might seem farfetched to most, but that’s only because you have not been in the know. Well…the only person who can change that is you…not me…YOU! I encourage you to do your research on the FOREX market and you’ll be amazed at what you find and then wonder why you’ve never even heard of it before.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted but that’s only if you are willing to learn. And to show you how powerful the FOREX market is and why you need to learn about it, I’ve decided to let you track along with an account I just opened for this very reason.

I’m calling this G&G 10 pip a day account. My goal is to only get 10 pips a day on my trade in essence (10%) return. Now, some are saying what is a “PIP?” This is your first homework assignment…do your own research. I can’t spoon feed you because then you’ll never learn and all you’ll do is give your money to someone else to invest for you…I’m sorry…I mean invest for themselves and then give you what’s left.

So, I opened this account up on April 14, 2009 with a $1000. The goal is for me to be able to take this $1000 account and in 13 months be able to produce a $1000 a day in income...yes a $1000 a day.

I’ll post the results of the account on a bi-weekly basis so you can track along and see how it turns out. Again, my whole intent for doing this is to show you what a financial education can do for you. Start taking control of your finances and then you will control your life.

To be honest, if you could produce a $1000 a day consistently would you be scared of getting laid off from your job? Especially if the CEO’s of the companies that are letting you go probably already know these secrets and are pocketing the profits of your hard earned labor at you and your families expense.

See the link below to see the details of the account and you’ll see the opening deposit of the account and the results as of 4/24/2009. I didn’t start trading this account until the 16th of the month and in 7 trading days; I’ve already obtained an 18.99% gain on the initial $1000 investment. Oh, the Spot FOREX market is open 5 days a week, 24 hours a day from Sunday 5pm est. to Friday 5 pm est.

Until the next time…do your research and we’ll go from there. “Remember, the more you learn the more you earn, the less you know the more you owe.”


Gary Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
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"A Prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes on blindly and suffers the consequences."
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