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Date: May 6, 2009
Subject: Debt Laws: How to Get a Debt Collector or Collection Agency to Stop Calling You

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This is something a little different for you but, it can be a stress relief for many. Because of the credit woes many are having now, the stress of having debt collectors calling your home can be mind boggling. Those who know me personally or are frequent readers of my newsletters, know I despise banks and the credit industry because they are crooks. Sorry…for those of you who work for banks, but the truth is the truth and if you didn’t know already they don’t care about you anyhow. Ask the tens of thousands of employees who have been laid off by the banks over the last year.

Did you know if you a debt collector a letter to stop calling you they have to stop calling you? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects you from being harassed by unwanted contact and phone calls from debt collectors, including attorneys, and collection agencies. It does not apply to employees that work directly for an actual creditor that you owe money to.

The Law is Simple: Write a Letter

The law requires you to write a letter to the collector telling them to stop calling you or that you are refusing to pay the debt. Be sure to send it certified mail, requesting a signature for receipt. You cannot make this request via FAX, email, or telephone. It must be done in a written letter.

Once a debt collector receives your letter, they can only contact you to:
• Acknowledge receipt of your request letter; or
• To advise you of specific legal action they plan to take against you to collect the debt.

If you continue to receive calls, you can take further steps to stop a creditor from harassing you, or you may even be able to sue a debt collector.

Here is a good site you can go to for more info to fight the creditors playing by “THERE” rules, caution I didn’t say what they were doing was “LAWFUL”…more on that one day.

Question: If you signed a contract with say Lender XYZ, and they write-off aka (set-off) the loan and sell it to a debt collector, why would you pay a debt collector “who you didn’t sign a contract with” any money on the supposed loan that has been written off …hmm.

Answer: Lack of knowledge


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