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Date: April 14, 2009

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Guess what tomorrow is? Tax deadline time! If you still haven't filed your taxes or are in need of an extension, please contact us so we can get one filed for you. The deadline to get extensions in is April 15, 2009.

The extension is good until Oct 15,2009. Remember, the extension is only good to delay you filing your taxes, it does not give you an extension if you owe taxes. If you owe taxes and haven't filed your tax return (even if you have an extension), you will owe interest and possible penalties.

If you are a returning client you'll get a 25% discount on our tax preparation fees. At G&G Associates, we GUARANTEE to beat any other tax professional’s fees. We take pride in not nickeling and diming our customers with unnecessary charges & fees.

For INSTRUCTIONS on how to get your taxes prepared visit our website, click on the "TAXES" tab and then download the "Tax Preparation Worksheet," or the left side of the page or click on the following link:

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"The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax." Doing Your Taxes doesn't have to be difficult. You could do it yourself but that's like changing your own oil, what else could be wrong with the car? Let us do the job for you accurately and efficiently to get you all the money you deserve. Visit our website for more information or contact us today to set your appointment.


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