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Date: June 6, 2008
Subject: G&G Playback - "The Dollar Heads South..."

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Dollar Heads South and Oil surges

If you haven't already heard the unemployment rate in the US increased by 5% today which sent the dollar running for Mexico and oil for the Moon. Check your portfolio. It’s probably making a move, but in which direction? I've been warning readers for months that an end was nowhere in sight regardless of how much the government and the media tries to paint the picture to the consumer that everything is "A"-OK. The truth is in the pudding or in this case the market.

If you believe the banks and the government care about your financial future, just keep listening to them and continue watching your financial portfolio continue to head south. It's already approaching the borders of Mexico so what are you waiting on? For it to approach South America?

If you miss the conference call last night "Straight With No Chase"...”As they say in Mexico, ‘No problemo.’ You can call and listen to the playback of the call at your convenience. I suggest you listen because I discussed some of these issues just last night and wow, it started unraveling overnight. It's nothing cosmic about what's happening right now because history tells the true story not ‘His-Story.’

The call will only be available for playback until the next scheduled training conference call so I suggest you listen ASAP!

For more informative information please visit G&G Associates website, click on the "Audio Library" tab and you can download or listen to archived calls. We can only provide you the information to lead you to success, but only you can make the move to implement it.

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