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Date: April 29, 2008
Subject: G&G Tax T.O.W. - Stimulus...Yeah Right!

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As you have probably heard on the news, the tax rebate checks are on there way. Now, the checks are suppose to stimulate the economy but exactly whose economy are they talking about? Your economy or the BANKS? If you believe that it's sent for you I have some land to sell you in the swamps of Lousiana.

Now, the government wants you to take the money and spend it on something to create bad debt for you and your that's really helpful. The main reason the economy is in the situation it's in right now, is becuase of uncontrolled use of debt. I HIGHLY suggest you do the exact opposite and spend the money on eliminating bad debt in your home, purchase some sort of asset that makes you money, or at least as a last result place it in the bank. But, whatever you do don't be a sucker and spend the money creating debt or buying liabilities which do nothing but take money out of your pocket and place money in someone elses pockets.

Again...let this money be a stimulus to your economy and and don't be a sucker and let it be a stimulus for the banks.


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