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Date: October 28, 2008
Subject: When the Credit Collapse Started...

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It's enlightening to go back and see what various analysts had to say when the sub prime mess first started unraveling.

Here's a clip from more than a full year ago.

It features a popular TV stock picker flipping out on live TV as he describes
the mayhem going on behind the scenes on Wall Street.

His solution - because he's from the investment banking world - was a bailout
for his friends at the big banks.

And that's what this is all about.

As Jim Rogers pointed out in yesterday's video, the US financial system has already
been trashed. That horse is out of the barn.

There's no "fixing" it.

Either nature will be allowed to take its course (painful as that may be)


The US Treasury will dump trillions of dollars into the economy to ease the transition
for Wall Street billionaires at taxpayer expense - and at the expense of the long
term prospects of the US economy.

Anyway, here's a former investment banker and current stock market cheerleader
wailing and gnashing his teeth on behalf of his Wall Street buddies a year ago when
it became clear that the jig was up:


If you watch the financial news, occasionally you'll hear Jim Rogers explain why Fed bailouts of investment banks and others is a terrible
idea for the country.

It's amazing to hear his comments from March and July of this year.

He really nailed it.

Is anyone listening?

Maybe Bush & Co. actually want to destroy the US dollar and tank the world economy.

If so, they're doing a great job.

- Brasscheck

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