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Date: October 2, 2008
Subject: Epiphany in Gold - pt2

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Epiphany in Gold - pt2

Well…I must say I hit the nail on the head with my Epiphany. So many people have contacted me stating they didn’t know it was that simple to purchase Gold & Silver or that they could purchase them in such small quantities it was overwhelming. Well, hopefully everyone is clear on that and I’m glad I was able to clear up some misconceptions.

Hopefully, everyone had a chance to look at the charts I had linked to why Gold is a great investment. But, in this e-mail and on my Emergency “Who’s Going to Bail You Out” conference call tomorrow night, I will give you a few examples to show you how the math “Don’t Lie.” Anyone who’s known me for a while knows that it all boils down to the numbers for me.

Remember…once you transfer Dollars into Gold you have effectively stopped inflation because of its intrinsic value properties. How? I like to use this little example to explain how this happens.

Let’s say you purchased a 1 – ounce American Eagle Gold coin 10 years ago in 1998. It would of cost you around $275. In 1998, it would be safe to say you could have purchased a really nice suit, a tie, shoes, hat and probably had a meal or two for $275. Now, let’s fast forward to 2008. Can you purchase a really nice suit, a tie, shoes, and a hat for $275? Probably not…

Now, let’s look at the value of that 1 – ounce American Eagle Gold coin you purchased in 1998 for $275. As I write this newsletter, the price for 1 – ounce of Gold is hovering around $900. So…could you buy a suit, a tie, shoes and a hat for $900? Without a doubt. Why is this? Because Gold & the Dollar are inversely proportional, click on link below to see chart. The chart shows you, as the Dollar goes down, Gold goes up.

So, as we continue to flood the system with fiat money (1 trillion dollar bail out) the dollar has “NO” choice but to continue to lose its value as inflation is induced every time the dollar exchanges one persons hands to the next. To get a good explanation on how this happens, click on the link to the audio entitled “ The Creature from Jekyll Island. After listening to this, I’m sure your outlook on our monetary system will change and you’ll think twice on some of your financial decisions in the future.

So, how do you purchase Gold & Silver at a 25-35% discount. As I mentioned before, I came across this company called Public Gold, and they literally work like Sams Clubs does in comparison to Wal-Mart. Public Gold gets the Gold & Silver from the US Mint at a discount because they purchase the coins in bulk. Because of this, they can sell the coins at a steep 25-35% discount to its members. Now, you do not have to be a member to purchase the coins but the discount isn’t as great.

Now…stop all the talking (or writing in this case) and let’s just do the math: let’s do some comparison shopping. (All prices are yesterday's prices)

1) US Mint’s price ( (1/10 ounce Gold coin - $124.95) ; (1 – ounce Silver coin - $25.95)

2) Public Gold’s non-member price (1/10 ounce Gold coin - $110.75) ; (1 – ounce Silver coin - $20.65)

3) Public Gold’s member price (1/10 ounce Gold coin - $100.75) ; (1 – ounce Silver coin - $18.15)

So, what if you purchased 10 – 1/10 ounce Gold coins through Public Gold? You’d save $242 literally propelling your rate of return to 24%. I’m sure that’s better than what your retirement plan is doing. As you can see the math “DON’T LIE.”

You might ask, how can Public Gold sell the gold cheaper than the US Mint. It’s simple business, the US Mint isn’t in the business of selling Gold & Silver, they are in the business of minting Gold & Silver.

To start purchasing Gold & Silver right away, click the link below to start purchasing real money.

Also, if you want to know what else you can do to protect your wealth in this credit crisis, listen in on my Emergency “Who’s Bailing Me Out” conference call, this Thursday at 7 pm e.s.t. The time has been changed from 9 pm e.s.t to make time for the Vice Presidential debates. The call will only be 30 minutes so please be prompt.

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