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Date: September 30, 2008
Subject: Epiphany in Gold - pt1

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Epiphany in Gold - pt1

Well…first let me apologize for assuming everyone had been privy to the information I have been presented with over the past year when it comes to Gold & Silver. Being one who had been educated from the traditional financial institutions, just as the majority of financial analyst you listen to on Wall Street, I failed to take in account the stereotypes most people have when it comes to Gold, Silver and other precious metals.

Prior to my enlightenment this year in regards to precious metals, when someone said purchase Gold & Silver, I thought about Gold bars at Fort Knox, expensive and reserved only for the wealthy. Oh how wrong I had been until about 10 months ago.

Now the Epiphany…This past weekend I was talking with some clients who had just read my recent article and they referenced wanting to purchase Gold & Silver but they wouldn’t have a couple thousand dollars to purchase the coins for at least another several weeks. Then a light bulb went off in my brain, why did they think they needed several thousands of dollars to purchase Gold & Silver Eagles? Hadn’t they been reading my e-mails, been on my conference calls, heck we communicate on the regular…didn’t they know they could purchase American Eagle Gold & Silver coins “1” at a time?

Then I realized…in past conversations they heard me purchasing the coins in bundles and they thought they had to do the same. Then it hit me like the Dow falling on Wall Street Monday. In all my newsletters, I mentioned how you could get the coins at a 25-35% discount off the US Mints price, but I never mentioned the price nor that you could purchase the coins like you do when investing in your mutual fund, 401K plan, TSP, etc.

Again, I apologize for making this assumption. Let me explain… Public Law-185 made it legal to mint gold coins for public ownership for the first time since 1932 when FDR confiscated the GOLD and sent it to the IMF. Twenty two years have passed and only a small percentage of the population owns any of these incredible coins. Why…it’s only because of a lack of knowledge.

If most people understood that when you purchase Gold & Silver coins you put the brakes on inflation then I’m sure more people would surely add this investment to their portfolio.

More History…the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 authorized the minting of American Eagle Gold & Silver coins. American Eagle Proof Coins sell at a fixed price and can be purchased directly from the United States Mint, but I have a relationship with a company that can show my subscribers and clients how to get the same coins directly from the US Mint at a 25-35% discount off the US Mints published price.

Yes, that already means you just got a double digit rate of return on your investment.

American Eagle Gold and Platinum Proof Coins are available in the following options: one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, one-tenth ounce and four coin sets, which contains one coin of each denomination.

The American Eagle Silver Proof Coin is only available in the one ounce size only.
So, what does this mean? This means you can purchase the coins as little as “one” at a time, up to as many as your bank account can afford. Hopefully your bank hasn’t gone bankrupt.

To give you an idea of how powerful Gold is versus the USD just take a look at these charts:

As you can see, Gold & the USD are inversely proportional. As the Dollar goes down, Gold goes up. So, what do you think is going to happen after Congress floods our economy with an additional 1 trillion dollars of fiat money backed totally by nothing but taxpayer’s dollars? The USD will head for the border as Gold & Silver head for the stars.

Two weeks ago I pleaded with my G&G newsletter readers to load up on Gold & Silver as it was sitting at it’s year low price during the precious metals retraction phase. Had you taken my advice, you would have gained > 20% ror in Gold & Silver in less than two weeks. See 30 Day Gold Chart:

So, what are you waiting on? The Dollar isn’t going to get any better, but surely your portfolio can if you take my advice. For more details on how you can purchase American Eagle Gold & Silver Eagle coins at 25-35% discount off the US Mints website, click on the following link and get started ASAP:

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