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Date: October 6, 2008
Subject: The Storm Isn't Over Yet

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The Storm Isn't Over Yet

This is the crisis that will change the course of history.

Markets around the world are now plunging into an abyss — Asia stock markets down more than 5%, Europe plunging over 4%, Brazil hit by close to 10%, the equivalent of 1,000 points on the Dow. Before long, the U.S. stock market could suffer a similar fate.

But if you have listened to my warnings and followed my recommendations, you're ready. You have already taken all the protective steps. Specifically ... those mentioned on last week’s “Who’s Bailing me Out” conference call or those outlined in the G&G Investment Society (GGIS) portfolio.

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Even before ivory-tower theorists have gotten around to officially calling it a "recession," the U.S. economy is already sinking rapidly into depression. And, even as the government has vowed to embark on a $700 billion spending spree to avert financial panic, over $1 trillion in wealth has been wiped out in just five days of stock and bond market declines.

Cheap credit, the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, has nearly vanished from the scene.
Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul — the norm for decades in the consumer and corporate world — is becoming next to impossible. Greed has been replaced by fear; euphoria, by panic; trust, by suspicion.

Everywhere, we see vicious cycles of mutual financial destruction:
 Falling prices driving homeowners to abandon their homes ... and fire sales on foreclosed homes driving prices into a steeper tailspin.
 Strangled consumers falling behind on their credit cards ... and credit card losses compelling banks to choke the available credit for consumers.
 Wall Street panic smashing Main Street business ... and Main Street business sowing the seeds for more Wall Street panic.

The probable consequences: Astronomical unemployment rates and intense hardship for millions of Americans; devastating losses for investors in almost every asset class; and, ultimately, deep depression and deflation (falling prices).

I wish that, somehow, this crisis could have been averted. But now that the bombs have been dropped, there's not much chance the economy can avoid the explosions that typically follow, but if you have been taking my advise “YOUR ECONOMY” should be looking really good right about now.

Now, while the U.S. government's giant bailout may buy some time and buffer some pain. No matter how hard it may try, it cannot force banks to make risky loans or compel investors to buy sinking bonds. No government can repeal the law of gravity. No force can turn back the hands of time.

But you can get through this — and we can do it together.

G&G Associates has everything you need to help you avert any foreseeable disaster. We will be here to guide you through thick and thin. And when it's all over, hopefully you’ll be smiling as you now know that knowledge is the key to success and knowing the truth will surely set you free.

Gary Gray
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"A Prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes on blindly and suffers the consequences."

Proverbs 22:3 -- Living Proverbs

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