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Date: September 9, 2008
Subject: G&G Financial T.O.W. - Fannie-Freddie bailout: "Hold Tight"

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Fannie-Freddie bailout: "Hold Tight"

* Will the Fannie-Freddie bailout truly save the housing market? Or will it merely drive interest rates sky-high, causing even greater devastation?

* Will it end the credit crunch and breathe new life into consumer spending? Or will higher rates kill consumer demand — the straw that will finally break the stock market’s back?

* Most importantly: How will the bailout impact your stocks...your bonds...your mutual funds and ETFs?

Dear G&G Newsletter Reader,

In the Fannie/Freddie bailout, as in life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone’s going to pay. The only question is, “Who?”

Right off the bat, we know that the U.S. government’s seizure of Fannie and Freddie is already costing their stockholders a fortune. Tens of billions of dollars were wiped out in the blink of an eye this yesterday morning.

Plus, by seizing the two mortgage giants, Treasury secretary Hank Paulson has effectively elevated their bonds to the status of U.S. treasuries — backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government (in a nutshell, that means they are worthless).

It’s almost as if Washington suddenly dumped $5 trillion in new treasuries (fiat money) on the global debt market in a single day and this Mt. Everest of new government -guaranteed debt is already driving Treasury prices down...and their interest rates up!

Now, the question is, how will this unprecedented bailout impact the stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs you own, if you own any at all?

- Will it really save the housing market? Is it time to pick up historic bargains in real estate and real estate stocks? Or should you continue avoiding them like the plague?

- What about companies whose survival depends on the souring commercial real estate, sinking credit cards and other defaulting loans that are not getting a penny out of this bailout?

- What’s going to happen to the thousands of banks and other institutions that are loaded with Fannie and Freddie bonds and stocks? Which ones will benefit? Which ones will lose?

- Treasury rates jumped on the bailout news this morning. Will they continue to rise? If so, how will higher Treasury rates impact mortgage defaults and new home borrowing?

- U.S. retailers and manufacturers are ALSO not getting bailed out. What will happen to them?

- Is today’s euphoric stock market action the beginning of a sustainable long-term rally? Or is it just another bear market trap set to cost gullible investors billions more.

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