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Date: September 8, 2008
Subject: G&G Financial T.O.W. - " Danger of Debt Collapse"

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Danger of Debt Collapse

* Failure possible at Wachovia, Washington Mutual,HSBC, SunTrust, National City, Sovereign Bank.

* Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac being taken over by the Fed (more infusion of fiat money)

* GM, Ford nearing brink of bankruptcy.

* Consumers, businesses, local governments shut outfrom vital access to credit.

* Deflation ultimately unavoidable.

Dear Newsletter Reader,

The U.S. economy is facing the growing danger of a debt collapse, and the government's power to prevent it is diminishing by the day. A debt collapse is not merely a decline in the availability of new credit, commonly called a "credit crunch."

A debt collapse is a tidal wave of defaults by millions of consumers, a rash of bank failures and a chain reaction of corporate bankruptcies that tear apart an economy's existing debts.

So far, in this credit crunch, the nation's mountain of debt has merely been growing at a
much slower pace. But in the next phase of the crisis — the debt collapse phase — you
could see that debt mountain actually shrink. On the surface, that may sound like a good thing; and someday, after it's all over, it could be. But in a debt collapse, debt reduction doesn't happen because borrowers suddenly decide to pay off their debts. It happens because of ...

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