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Date: September 18, 2008
Subject: Breaking News: "Gold up $67! Panic spreading"

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Breaking News: "Gold up $67! Panic spreading"

Dear G&G eNewsletter reader,

I've been overseas for the past week and the news all over the T.V. channels is the crisis in the US Stock Market and the rippling effects it's having around the world. I don't want to say I told you so, but if you have even glimpsed at any of my newsletters over the past month, you knew this was going to happen. I even told you which companies it was going to happen to, but unfortunately some people still didn't listen and they are losing every day they continue not to take action.

Enough with that...Despite the Fed's $85 billion bailout of AIG, Despite the boldest move ever by the SEC to squash short-selling, and despite massive new cash infusions by central banks all over the world ...

All of which were announced just yesterday...we still have panic conditions in the financial markets. Here are just some of the most visible symptoms:

The investment banking industry — or whatever's left of it — is in turmoil, with breaking news on MORE giant banks: Wachovia and Morgan Stanley could be merging...Washington Mutual is up for sale...and Lloyds of London is taking over a troubled lender in the UK.

Gold bullion has skyrocketed by $89 per ounce, the greatest one-day percentage rise since 1985 and the single largest dollar rise of all times — another indication of panic spreading throughout the financial markets. (Whoopie for all those that have purchasing Gold & Silver for the past several months, but it's not over...keep buying).

The Dow has plunged 449 points, reversing all of Tuesday's gains three times over — a clear sign the government's rescue efforts are failing. (If you took my recommendations in the hedge inverse ETF's I recommended you are smiling from ear to ear right now).

I saw this coming long ago and I stood on the rooftops to warn you...but, of course many didn't listen.

Several months ago, I emailed you on "How to Protect Your Stock Portfolio From the Spreading Credit Crunch."

Last month, I held a special one-hour Conference Call "Diversification" to warn you about the coming bank and broker failures. If you were a GGIS paid subscriber, I even named the most likely candidates. And, I showed you simple pathways to safely protect your portfolio.

And just last week, I sent out my updated GGIS portfolio to my subscribers, giving them my recommedations for this weeks crisis which if actin was taken, they are sitting fat and happy as Wall Street says $700 billion dollars was loss today by investors mainly in 401K and pension plans.

Have You Taken Action?

I sure hope so.

Indeed, if you've acted promptly on my warnings, you are far ahead of nearly all investors in the world today. You have a big stash of cash. And you could be enjoying some of the largest, fastest gains in recent history.

But if you have not yet taken firm action, don't kick yourself. I recognize that the future scenario I painted months ago — of massive financial failures — was hard for most people to believe. But that's water under the bridge. Now, all that matters is this:

It's NOT Too Late to Take Prudent, Bold Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Family!

Specifically...No matter how thorough you've been in following my recommendations to sell off vulnerable assets, it's only natural that you might still have some that you're either unable or unwilling to part with. That could include:

- A retirement fund beyond your direct control,

- Stocks or options in your employer's company that you're not permitted to sell,

- Money market funds that invest in commercial paper and bank CDs,

- Uninsured deposits at banks that are failing,

- Cash-value life insurance policies or annuities,

- Some real estate properties, or a small business that you own.

But look around you and listen. This week's events — the demise of AIG and the busting of the buck by the Reserve Primary Fund — are telling you that, in these panicky conditions, your other assets can also suffer real damage in this kind of a panic environment.

To protect yourself against inevitable losses, use any temporary bounce in the stock market as your entry point to start hedging. Become a G&G Investment Society (GGIS)member today in order to learn which vehicles to invest in to Hedge this market collapse.

The same vehicles you use for hedging can also be used to convert this dramatic market disaster into an equally dramatic profit opportunity. Provided you use them in moderation and with most of your money kept safe, they can be the tail that wags the dog of your entire portfolio, multiplying your overall return.


If you are not yet a member of the GGIS paid newsletter service...Become an exclusive member of the G&G Investment Society subscription for USD ($99). I’ll keep you informed on the “REAL DEAL” in our economy so you can protect your wealth. So....Sign up today!!!

To become a member of the G&G Investment Society newsletter subscription, please send an e-mail to for sign up instructions or go directly to, click on the "Services" tab and sign up directly online. DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY!

- 1 year subscription - $99
- 2 year subscription - $169
- lifetime subscription - $399


Last but not least: "Buy Gold & Silver NOW!"

If you don't already own gold or silver, I strongly suggest you buy some now. Buy gold & silver for the long-term and protect your paper dollars pronto. As I have suggested in my past newsletters, and on previous conference calls, I would seriously consider allocating 20-30% of your net worth to gold and silver investments. You might want to put 2/3 in pure gold and silver investments, and the other half in mining shares.

Visit the following site in order to purchase Gold & Silver Eagles at a 25-35% discount instantly propelling your investment into a double digit gains instantly. While others are watching their portfolios lose at double digit numbers yours could be doing the opposite.

Please pass this information along...people are in trouble and this information could be very beneficial to them.


Gary Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
G&G Associates
877-817-6031 toll-free
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"A Prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes on blindly and suffers the consequences."
Proverbs 22:3 -- Living Proverbs

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