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Date: August 21, 2008
Subject: G&G Conf Call - "Why Gold & Silver"

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Bear Market or Correction?

From its high in early July the benchmark Reuters-CRB Index has declined 19% while crude oil prices have tanked 23%. But, for some reason gas prices have only declined nationally 8.6%. Other commodities have declined even more. Oil stocks, as measured by the Spiders XLE Index (XLE) are down 22.5% from their highs while the Dow Jones Oil Equipment and Services Index is off 21% from its best level.

Commodities, including oil, are in a correction. But don't be mistaken: We're definitely not at the cusp of a bear market for oil or commodities. The market is right to discount a slowing global economy this year as credit problems and stagflation spread to overseas economies. It's wrong to assume that the bull market in oil and most other commodities is over.

In its fight to control deflation in housing and failing bank credit, the Federal Reserve will continue to pump the financial system with more fiat money. Massive government bailouts don't come cheap. Over time, inflation, which is now moderating, will make a comeback.

And what about the dollar? The dollar may be in a bull market rally now, but the buck simply doesn't have interest rate support from the Fed. Plus, the economy remains mired in a severe slowdown or recession across several important industries.

But one commodity class always stands the test of time...Precious metals (Gold & Silver). These two precious metals continue to flourish no matter what happens in the economy because of their intrinsic value characterisitics. Get on my conference call tonight and I'll explain to you how and why you need to be stocking up on it now, like they are stocking up on rice in China. Plain old economics "Supply" and "Demand." (see quote below)

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Thursday, Aug 21, 2008
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"Why Gold & Silver"

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