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Date: July 17, 2008
Subject: G&G Financial T.O.W. - "The Feds Worst Nightmare"

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Fannie and Freddie Bailouts
Will Soon Flood the U.S. Economy with Trillions of Cheap Dollars...

Yet One little known currency is resisting the Fed's inflation push. It's GUARANTEED to never lose value! And now — thanks to Public Law 99—61, "YOU" could use it to collect 341% or more this year alone.

Dear G&G e-newsletters reader,

Bear Sterns was just the beginning. Our government is spending your tax dollars to bail out greedy fat cats and reckless speculative institutions—simply because they’re so big.
They’re “too big to fail” is the saying. But apparently, they’re not too big to bail—with "your" tax dollars!

Did you collect a $52.6 million bonus like disgraced Fannie Mae CEO, Franklin Raines did? Did you get the tens of millions of dollars of bonuses and commissions Bear Sterns execs pocketed during the height of the subprime bubble? No? Well you’re getting stuck with the bill anyhow!

Higher taxes are headed our way like a freight train. And the U.S. dollar is being sacrificed as we speak as Fed chief Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Paulson turn Washington into a funny—money carousel—doling out trillions to every greedy, corrupt and incompetent “major” company and institution that could “threaten” the stability of the U.S. economy.

The cures offered by the Fed and Treasury are worse than the disease. And with the way Washington is going, very soon you might as well just stuff your wallet with confetti. It’ll have about the same purchasing power.

So how can you protect yourself?

Well, while most investors flee to the "safety" of Swiss francs — one informed group has stormed the U.S. Mint — and racked up returns of 54% and 62% on the destruction of the dollar.

Let me explain...

While the common greenback has plummeted, another American currency has leapt by 331%.
Thousands have used it to pad their retirement funds — earning double and triple—digit returns — year after year.

The funny thing is, the United States Government has issued this currency since 1986.
Yet, most people don't even know it exists. That's a crying shame... Because it's outperformed the greenback... the euro... and even Google stock, over the past two years... yet its major bull run has just begun.

In just a minute I'll explain what this currency is... Why it's so important... And how you could add it to your portfolio — before it soars to new heights. But first — let me tell you a little more about the heavily guarded presses that crank it out.

The Empire State's Money Secret

Orange County, NY is home to one of the US Mints, a three—foot—thick walled — and heavily armed staff's not exactly a tourist trap. In fact, it's off—limits to the public. And yet, this unassuming spot — wedged between a golf course and a barren ski slope — is responsible for more wealth creation than all the other U.S. mints combined.
Its printing presses run 24 hours a day, five days a week. At least, they did, until a few weeks ago...

Dollar Stampede Rocks U.S. Mint

The U.S. mint waved the white flag. They simply couldn't crank out enough dollars to satisfy demand. Now, investors are quietly scrambling to buy U.S. dollars at any price.
Demand has DOUBLED and a strict rationing program is underway. It's the Fed's worst nightmare — a currency that can't be manipulated... That's guaranteed to trade for 10x...20x...perhaps even 30x times its face value. No matter how wide Bernanke opens the discount window — or how many bailouts Congress approves— this currency will not budge.

"The Truth"

It's true – smart investors have made thousands...some made millions of dollars in the foreign exchange market – even when the stock market is tanking. But sadly – no paper currency is completely safe from the manipulations of the Fed. Yet one government—backed currency can protect you from economic uncertainties around the world – no matter how many trillions of dollars central bankers print out of thin air.

That’s important to note – because right now, there are major cracks in the dollar… The euro… And the British pound. The whole financial system is in danger. And if one or more of these currencies takes a dive – we’ll be facing a disaster of unmatched ferocity.
History shows that when one major currency goes bad — it can drag everything else down with it:

• Latin America literally saw its currency crumble in the inflation—wrought 1970s and 1980s
• Asia experienced a total wipeout of currency values in the late 1990s
• Russia devalued and crashed in 1998 while many other units plunged in value over the last 35 years, including Turkey, South Africa, Iceland, Scandinavia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the British pound, the Italian lira, the Balkan currencies
• And of course, the infamous U.S. dollar — the world's reserve currency — has hardly been immune to value drops, either...

Since 1913, the dollar has shed a spectacular 90% of its purchasing power against the world's hardest currencies, including the Swiss franc and the German mark, prior to the advent of the Euro in 1999. If that sounds bad... get a load of this:

100 U.S. dollars bought one ounce of gold back in 1975. Today you’d need ten times as many greenbacks to buy that amount...But we haven't seen the worst of it yet.

Public Law 99—61 Enriches Ordinary Investors

Ever since Public Law 99—61 was passed – allowing the mint to create Silver Eagle coins, millions of investors have scrambled to add them to their retirement accounts.
This year alone, they've earned a 25% tax—deferred return — while protecting their portfolios from the ravages of inflation.
But the truth is — there's an even better way to cash in on this spectacular bull run.

But to be honest — there's not much time left.

Thanks to the actions of the Federal Reserve and the instability of the global banking system, your wealth is under attack. And precious metals are soaring! Gold is poised to fly past $1,000/oz... and Silver could rocket to $35/oz. or more — in the space of a few weeks.

Next year, I wouldn't be surprised to see them surge by 50% or more. That's why I'm writing you this note. To make sure you are prepared for one of the worst bouts of inflation the world has ever seen.

On next weeks Training Conf Call, you'll learn about:

• The explosion of the $516 trillion dollar derivatives time—bomb and the #1 way to protect yourself from the systemic shock that is gripping global markets right now...
• Why a flawed global exchange rate mechanism is threatening the value of global currencies...and could put gold prices on steroids by the end of this decade...
• How monster U.S. budget and trade deficits has spurred massive money printing by the Fed — and what that means for your portfolio...
• The rising trend of speculators and collectors squirreling away gold coins to hedge their portfolios...
• The Iranian factor — why the impact of growing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East won't just affect the oil market...

These are not fly—by—night trends. But rather, each one is firmly entrenched and will take months or years to fully play out. What does that mean for you?

Well, I'm not saying you need to build a vault under your house and hunker down for the rest of the decade...but that is an option. Thankfully, there's a much smarter way to play this trend.

On the call, you'll learn how you could:
• Target gains of 341% or more in the precious metals sector as the U.S. Dollar and other leading currencies are cut down by inflation.
• Safely build a golden safety net – by owning gold & silver coins or bullion bars.
• Buy the right precious metal stocks or ETFs at the right prices
• And much more!

Don't Delay:
More Fed Manipulations Are On Their Way
And Precious Metals Are Primed To Soar

Only you can look at your "Economy" and make the decision whether you want your portfolio to go north or head south. Make sure to pass this on to all those you know who have a need or interest in this information. Time is a precious commodity and I'm ONLY interested in helping those who want help. Go to G&G Associates website for future calls or visit the "audio" library to listen to past calls.

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