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Date: August 4, 2008
Subject: G&G Playback - "3 Days left...Diversification...Why Gold & Silver"

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3 Days Left Before Call is Erased
Diversification...Why Gold & Silver"

Here’s the truth:

Right now you’ve got a better chance of beating a street vendor at “Three Card Monte” than making money in stocks.

Because a stockbroker’s job is to sell you on stocks even if they’re the last thing in the world you should own.

And even if you do manage to squeeze out gains in this mess of a market, your profits are getting slashed by the falling dollar…down 30% in just the past 5 years.

That’s 6% of your entire portfolio getting ripped off every year and that’s just for starters! So, if you aren't getting at least that rate of return (ror), you are losing money.

But there are solutions…

You can turn the falling dollar into pure profits and escape the slippery slope of the stock market now and for years to come.

Why You need to Buy Gold & Silver

A long time ago, the dollar used to be backed by gold and silver. For every dollar you had, you could walk up to the U.S Treasury and redeem that greenback for yellow or silver metal.

Today, the dollar is backed only by "the full faith and credit of the US taxpayer." Washington has not only fiscally mismanaged our economy, but now the government is papering over the errors (better way of saying cooking the books), rampant abuse and speculation of people at the helm of companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and thousands of other banks and brokers.

Those institutions' errors, whether "criminal" or not, are appearing in all the defaults and junk paper in the financial system, and the Federal Reserve is accepting it all as collateral for dollars!

Can you see why savvy investors here in the US and overseas are buying gold like crazy? Can you see why it's not far-fetched to expect gold to continue higher, ultimately reaching its "inflation-adjusted" price of $2,200 an ounce?

Here Are the Three Steps You Should Consider Right Now

Step #1 If you missed my conference call last week Diversification, go back to the playback of the call and I tell you how to obtain these investments and protect your financial well-being.

Step #2. If you don't already own gold or silver, I strongly suggest you buy some now. Don't worry about a $10 pullback. Or even a $100 pullback. Buy gold & silver for the long-term and protect your paper dollars pronto. As I have suggested in my past newsletters, and on last weeks conference call, I would seriously consider allocating 20-30% of your net worth to gold and silver investments. You might want to put 2/3 in pure gold and silver investments, and the other half in mining shares.

Step #3 If you have not seen this yet, please take time to watch it also.....very, very important video from Robert Kiyosaki confirming the information on my conference call stating that you should stock up on Silver & Gold if you can!


Visit the following site in order to purchase Gold & Silver Eagles at a 20-30% discount instantly propelling your investment into a double digit gains instantly.

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Again, if you missed the last conference call, no problem. You can listen to the playback of the conference by dialing the number below:

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