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Date: July 3, 2008
Subject: G&G Conf Call - "Economic Crisis Management"

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Economic Crisis Management

Having a crystal clear view of what’s really happening to the U.S. economy ... to the stock market ... and to the buying power of your dollars has never — I repeat, NEVER — been more crucial than it is right now.

Just this morning, ADP released its estimate that the economy lost 79,000 jobs in June, four times more than forecast and the worst reading since November 2002. And what’s even more shocking is this: The job losses are now spilling over into the one sector that had been strong until now — services.

* Plummeting home prices have eliminated jobs in banking, real estate, construction, and furniture manufacturing.

* The U.S. auto industry is hanging by a thread — with sales down as much as half in the last 12 months. With no end to the sales disaster in sight, pundits are already warning that GM, Ford and Chrysler may have to consolidate, be sold off to the highest foreign bidder, or even file for bankruptcy.

* All across the country, manufacturers are closing plants and retailers like Starbucks are shuttering stores.

* Wall Street just witnessed the most brutal first two quarters since 1970 and the worst June since The Great Depression began in 1930.

* Oil, gold, food and many other commodities are at or near historic highs and threatening to surge higher.

It’s the perfect storm — the triple crisis I’ve been warning you about. But Washington is painting a very different picture: The men we trust to manage the U.S. economy don’t seem to see any of this or should I say admit it.

According to the White House, the Fed, the Treasury and Labor departments, we are not in a recession ... unemployment is minimal ... and inflation is mild. The truth is if you count on Washington to fix this crisis — let alone tell you the truth about the dangers it poses to your finances — you’re in for the disappointment of a lifetime.

To prepare you for the second half of 2008, I'll be discussing this and strategies to bullet-proof your wealth in order to help you sidestep the clear and present dangers
that could otherwise destroy your wealth...and to help you join the handful of investors
who will thrive as this crisis unfolds!

At 9 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, July 3, I will give you the frank, unhedged, unspun, accurate answers to five, crucial questions:

1. How bad is it — really? What do Bush, Bernanke and Paulson know about the true state of the economy and inflation that they only confess to each other behind closed doors?

2. What new shocks are looming just over the horizon? And how will they impact your income, savings, investments and financial security in the months ahead?

3. How much more perilous will things get before the U.S. economy and stock market finally bottom and begin to recover? What’s the best case we can hope for? What’s the worst-case scenario we should be preparing for now?

4. What steps should you take to protect yourself right now — today? To shield your income? Your investments? Your retirement and your buying power in this treacherous environment?

5. How can you actually grow your wealth even while others are losing theirs? At a time when so many things — stocks, bonds, even your money — are losing their value, what investments offer you the greatest profit potential with the least risk? (After all — somebody’s profiting from all this; why not you?)

Get the right answers, and you stand an excellent chance of protecting and growing your wealth throughout the rest of 2008 and beyond. Get these answers wrong, and much of what you’ve earned, saved and invested could be in jeopardy.

Only you can look at your "Economy" and answer that question. Make sure to pass this on to all those you know who have a need or interest in this information. Time is a precious commodity and I'm ONLY interested in helping those who want help. Go to G&G Associates website for future calls or visit the "audio" library to listen to past calls.

Thursday, July 3, 2008
9:00p-10:00p est.
Tax & Financial Training Call
July is "Economic Crisis Management" month

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