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Date: July 1, 2008
Subject: G&G Financial T.O.W. - "MAJOR MID-YEAR UPDATE"

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What's next for the U.S. economy? Have U.S. stocks bottomed? Or is there a much greater pain ahead? Have oil, gold and commodities peaked? Or is this just the beginning of another explosive move higher? And what about the U.S. dollar and inflation? Will your cost of living EVER normalize -- or are we now at the beginning of one of the greatest inflationary spirals in decades?

Well...I set out to give you the crucial answers to this on last week's conference call "Straight with No Chase pt 2" and how to defend yourself against what is happening here in America.

On Thursday, July 3 at 9pm e.s.t, I'll be breaking down "Step 1" of the 4 step plan I outlined to protect you and your wealth!

Washington doesn't think you can handle the truth.

Worse: Bush, Bernanke and Paulson are terrified of what you'll do if you
discover the truth. Because the truth is, everything you earn, own and invest in is at greater risk now than ever before.

A blind man could see that the U.S. economy is crumbling. Corporate earnings are plunging and layoffs are soaring. Consumer confidence is hitting new lows that were beyond imagining just a year ago.

Wall Street just witnessed the most brutal first two quarters since 1970 and the worst June since The Great Depression began in 1930. Oil, gold, food and many other commodities are at or near historic highs and threatening to surge higher.

Worst of all, your cost of living is off the charts. Just last week, even Warren Buffet proclaimed that inflation is "exploding." But Washington is painting a very different picture. The men we trust to manage the U.S. economy don't seem to see any of this.

According to the White House, the Fed, the Treasury and Labor departments, we are not in a recession ... unemployment is minimal ... and inflation is mild. can they still keep lying with a straight face?

The truth is, the gap between what Washington says and what we are experiencing has never been greater.

The truth is if you count on Washington to fix this crisis -- let alone tell you the truth about the dangers it poses to your finances -- you're in for the biggest disappointment of a lifetime.

I don't want that for you. I want you to have an unbiased, crystal clear vision of the actual state of the economy as we approach mid-year. That's why ... you need to make sure you are on this weeks conference call. For more information on the call, please visit, click on the "Calendar" link for more details.

If you missed last weeks call, no problem. You can listen to the playback of the call by dialing the number below:

Playback Number: (641) 715-3487
Access Code: 974124#


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"Those who do not learn the lessons of history indeed are condemned to relive them."

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