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Date: December 25, 2007
Subject: G&G Newsletter - Thank You and Happy Holidays

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Thank You and Happy Holidays


I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks and Happy Holidays. During a very short lull in my day-to-day activities and excitement, I've been able to sit back and reflect on the past years events and I must say I've learned so much over the past year and I hope you have accomplished the same. Hopefully, throughout the year you have succeeded in improving your tax & financial knowledge, installed plans to modify any deficiencies, and overcome any challenges as we close out 2007. Lest we forgot, we’re currently in a volatile time in America and if you aren't making changes to adapt you might step into some financial trouble and you may be left behind unnecessarily.

Most assuredly we have all come a long way in ensuring success in our future if we adopt the concept of continuing education and self-improvement. But, we still have to stiff-arm that thing called complacency if we want to change for the better. Through visionary ideas, teamwork, determination and following the "6 Step Plan to Success" you'll soon have a true plan you could call a GUARANTEE!

On a personal note, to all my conference call listeners and newsletter readers, I’d like thank you for your understanding, support, questions, guidance and in many ways mentorship, as I’ve matured throughout this year as your Tax & Financial Consultant.

Again, "Happy Holidays" to you and your families. I truly look forward to working with you in the safe and I’ll see or hear you in 2008.

Very Respectfully,

Gary Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
G&G Associates
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"Those who do not learn the lessons of history indeed are condemned to relive them."


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