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Date: November 21, 2007
Subject: G&G Associates - Audio & Newsletter Library

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Did you miss any of the conference calls over the past 3 months? No problem, you can now visit G&G Associates website and listen or download the call to your (computer, IPOD or burn it to a CD) at your convenience. The library gives you knowledge right at your hands to help improve your business and or financial knowledge.

Have you ever wondered how to fill out that form W-4 appropriately? Ever wondered just how the Schedule C relateds to your business and how it could save you literally thousands of dollars a years in taxes. Better yet, someone told you that you could take a deduction for your business (i.e cell phone, deduct your car, etc) but you don't know how. No problem, it's a there on the website for your listening pleasure.

Don't let money slip through your hands that you could legally be keeping or better yet set yourself up for failure by not appropriately logging down deductions like you should. Expect a newsletter later this week on how the IRS is cracking down this year on Schedule C filers. Avoid this trap and future headaches of an audit by learning how to take your deductions appropriately to suffice the IRS's scrutiny.

Feel free to pass this on to all those you know who have a business or whom you think need a business.


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