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Date: November 27, 2007
Subject: G&G Financial Tip - The Dollar's Decline Is the Pro's Best Friend

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The Dollar's Decline Is the Pro's Best Friend

Foreclosures soaring! Credit crisis deepening! Dollar plunging!

Foreclosures soaring: Homeowners falling farther behind on payments; bank seizures skyrocketing! Credit crisis deepening: MORE major losses and even bankruptcies looming for mortgage companies and financial institutions! Dollar plunging: New lows against the euro, pound, franc, yen and the Australian and Canadian dollars!

Plus: Huge profit opportunities abounding: Investments designed to make you up to 28 times richer when the dollar dives!

Dear e-newsletter Reader,

When Fed Chief Ben Bernanke looks at the economy, what does he see?

He sees ...

Mortgage Lenders and Builders Failing: Sixty have already gone belly-up. Countrywide Financial is now at the precipice. And Chicago's Neumann Homes just filed for bankruptcy protection this month!

Major Banks Taking Huge Losses: The top ten global banks have already posted $75 billion in real estate-related losses this year — and there’s much more to come.

Tens of Thousands Losing Their Jobs: The U.S Department of Labor estimates almost 100,000 jobs have been lost in the financial services sector alone. Thousands more who work in the real estate and building industries find themselves on the dole every day.

And with the Fed itself forecasting that America’s GDP growth will fall, most economists are warning that it could drop to zero, wiping out an estimated three million U.S. jobs.

Consumer Spending Plunging: A whopping two-thirds of the U.S. economy is fueled by consumer spending — now, as job losses mount, retailers are warning of the worst holiday season in recent memory.

And when Mr. Bernanke opened his newspaper this weekend, it would have been nearly impossible to miss the article by the Associated Press reporting that ...

Mortgage defaults are still rising. Borrowers who took out loans in the first six months of this year are already falling behind on their payments faster than those who took out loans in 2006, according to investment bank Friedman, Billings Ramsey.

New mortgages are harder to get. Rising defaults are making it even harder for would-be buyers to get new mortgages. That’s a frightening prospect for home builders with massive projects already going begging on the market. And it’s even more scary for homeowners desperate to unload property to avoid defaulting on their loans.

Foreclosures are accelerating. After more than doubling during the third quarter to one default for every 196 homes in the nation, the number of U.S. homes in foreclosure is expected to keep soaring for the foreseeable future according to RealtyTrac Inc.

Bottom line: The Subprime Disaster Could DWARF The S&L Crisis of the 1980s. More than 1,000 lending institutions went bust last time around. But this time, the crisis is broader.

Problems with S&Ls were largely contained, and the government was
able to eventually turn things around with a $150 billion bailout. But this situation is far more widespread, which makes it nearly impossible to contain.

... And he couldn’t possibly have missed this wake-up call in that article from the former chief economist of Fannie Mae:

“We all know that more hits from these subprime loans are coming, but are having a devil of a time figuring out how it will happen or how to stop it.

"We've never been in this situation before." Now, let me ask you a question ...If You Were Ben Bernanke, What Would YOU do?

Your boss — the man who appointed you as Fed Chairman and the ONLY man who can ask for your resignation — is already in trouble.

His party is on the ropes. The next election is less than one year away. A painful recession would pretty much guarantee the other party will not only win the White House, but also a massive majority in both houses of Congress.

As Fed Chief, your job is to keep the U.S. economy growing. Your paycheck, your reputation, your legacy, your entire career depends on what you do next.

So what’s it going to be, Mr. Bernanke? Are you still feeling “neutral” on more interest rate cuts? Or are you thinking ...

WHO CARES if the dollar crashes?
Crank up those printing presses
like there’s no tomorrow!

Now, I’m no mind-reader. But I’d be willing to bet that’s precisely what Bernanke is thinking now.

And that means, my friend, that every dollar you have will buy less oil ... less gas ... less gold ... less of just about everything else you spend money on — as long as this crisis continues.

And because it historically takes as long as 18 months — a full year and a half — for new dollars to have their full impact on the buying power of every other dollar in circulation can expect the dollar and your spending power to keep
falling even after the Fed stops flooding the world with greenbacks.

If you only remember one thing I say to you today, please, please remember this ...

Every time you hear that the real estate bust is deepening ...

Every time you hear that another mortgage company or builder just declared bankruptcy ...

Every time you hear that another major bank has just taken another multi-billion-dollar loss ...

Every time you hear that retailers are griping about the worst holiday season in years ...

You can bet your bottom dollar that:

1. The Fed WILL unleash yet another tidal wave of unbacked paper dollars to try to stem the crisis (listen to conference call two weeks ago on the "Gold Standard"), and ...

2. Every one of those dollars will reduce the value of every dollar you earn, save, invest and have socked away for retirement.

Make the right moves now, and you could grow up to 28 times richer every time the dollar dives!

There’s only one investment market in the world that always has a bull market — and where investors can hit one grand slam after another year-in and year-out ...

There’s only one place that offers you the opportunity to multiply your wealth whether the stock market is sinking or soaring ... whether real estate is booming or busting ... whether interest rates are flying or falling ... and regardless of what happens to bonds or commodities ...

And there’s only one investment arena that offers you all that in a market that’s so liquid and so huge, it dwarfs every stock and bond market on the planet combined ...

Plus, it gives you massive leverage with the potential to multiply your money many times over on each and every trade, all with strictly limited risk!

Ironically though, only a handful of U.S. investors know much about this supremely rich market. For reasons I’ll explain in a moment, it has always been reserved for the super-rich and the mega-rich only... but not anymore!

Now, for the first time ever, the gates to this fabulously rich market have been flung open to you — with a new class of investment vehicles that give you virtually unlimited profit potential with strictly limited risk ...

Why Until Now, Only the Super-Rich Needed to Apply ...

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about the world currency market (FOREX) — the only place where a change in the value of the dollar, the euro, the British pound or any other currency — changes measured in tiny fractions of a percent — can trigger a profit avalanche for investors. And since the decline in one currency always reflects the rise in another currency, there’s always a bull market — no matter what’s happening in stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate.

This is the world’s single largest investment market by a long shot: The world’s largest investment management firms use them to make multi-billion-dollar international merger and acquisition deals possible. Central banks use this massive market daily.

As much as three trillion dollars change hands on the currency market every trading day!

More importantly, the world’s richest institutions and investors use the currency market to rake in billions of dollars in profits year after year:

HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Barclays Capital, Bank of America and other massive international banks use them as huge profit centers, generating billions in profits per month ...(where do you think they get the money from)? You guessed it, from your bank accounts, but they give you pennies in interest where they make millions in proifts.

Hedge funds use them to generate massive profits for their investors ...The world’s richest individual investors use this market to go for massive speculative gains — over and over again — all year long. And the profits can be mind-boggling — in fact ...

This is the market where super-investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway just piled up $294 million in a single quarter.

And this is also where George Soros made $1 billion in a single day in 1992 when the Bank of England devalued the British pound!

But until now, the currency market was pretty much the domain of the super-rich — “off-limits” for individual investors like you and me.

For one thing, you had to have a huge grubstake: You usually needed a minimum of $1 million just to get the dealer to answer the phone. Alternatively, you had to use futures which exposed you to unlimited losses. If a trade went against you, you could lose your entire investment and get a margin call that could cost you much more: Your downside risk was virtually unlimited!

This double whammy of huge minimums and unlimited downside risk meant that everyday investors like you and me were effectively locked out of this super-profitable market ...

But now, that has changed — forever ... but ONLY to those of you who want to learn it (See quote below).

Gary Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
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"The great end in life is not knowledge but action."
Thomas Henry Huxley


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